Businesses wishing to start as pest controllers need to secure a bond from the state government in order to receive a permit to operate in the state. If the bond is not updated from time to time then the license will be revoked and the company closed down. According to the state laws, the amount of money to be paid for the pest control bond varies from one state to another. These licensing laws are strict in order to protect the common people from bad effects of pesticides because the operators have to be fully qualified for this kind of work.

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There are plenty of agencies even online who are willing to help one to get the pest control bonds and register with the state for licensing. One must however be careful to avoid scams because the initial amount of money deposited for the bond is considerable (about $4000). It is important to also note that any fraud charges or abuse of the license will have charges filed and you are the one who will be answerable. It is therefore good to get good bond companies that are responsible and reputable and above all, recognized by the state.

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People who are in the real estate business know just how much damage termites can do. This is why they most of the time need the help of exterminators to get rid of the persistent termite colonies that lurk in the surfaces ready to strike. One can also get individual licensing to occasionally use the pesticides in their homes. This kind of licensing will need to be updated from time to time, the main expiry being like three years from the date of registration. These people can get their own pest control bond, and especially the termite bond.


Before the license is given, the companies are liable to a credit check and also to a series of screening tests. These are to ensure that they are operating in a legal manner that is not harmful to anyone and that they are liable for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of their extensive use of chemical pesticides. This prevents fraudulent companies from getting licensing and especially if the environment they are operating in has vulnerable people who may fall victims of chemical waste and substances. Also, the pest control bonds are like insurances for the companies.

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The initial pest control bonds payments differ from one state to the other. For example in Alabama the amount one first deposits is $2500 while in Tennessee its $10000 and in Mississippi its $5000. There are subsequent payments per month and these are determined by the state government. The most common pest control bonds are of course the termite bonds because termites are the most common pests and the most destructive. Colonies of termites can bring a house down because they keep on digging at the foundations and carrying the soil elsewhere, making great holes in the foundations. All this can however be controlled easily by exterminators who must be licensed to operate by the state.