To dress up beautifully and look elegant one must have an artistic eye. And for a makeup artist the indispensable tool is the makeup brush. Whether one has to do the eye creases or apply the blush-ons, she must use the makeup brush to do it perfectly.

Hence there are different kinds of such brushes that have different functions and are used not only by professionals but also individuals who do their makeup on their own. Now what are the brushes made of is a question often asked by users and which are the best.

The makeup brush is made of natural or real hair of sable, synthetic hair, fake hair of acrylic and plastic. Most makeup artists use the natural ones for eyeshadow or blush which are dry while the synthetic are more suitable for liquid or creams like foundation and concealers.

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Makeup Brush for Specific Purposes

  • Foundation brush has a rounded head and is shaped like a spatula and is usually small in size.
  • Concealer brush is smaller than a foundation makeup brush but looks the same and is suitable for concealing blemishes mostly in the eye corners.
  • Blush brush has a sloping or rounded tip suitable for applying bronzer or blush on the cheeks.
  • Powder brushes have large brush heads that are fluffy with soft bristles and help to apply loose powder.
  • Eyebrow brushes are like the marker tips and are quite firm with angular brush heads.
  • Eye shadow makeup brush has a square head that allows one to apply cream as well as powder shadows to the eyelids.
  • Blending brushes are used to wipe out extra makeup and blend different colors. This brush and the eyeshadow brush are used extensively for makeup almost regularly.
  • Instead of applying lipstick directly on the lips, using the lip brush can give an amazing matte finish or a gorgeous scarlet look to the lips.

Professionals always advice to purchase the best quality makeup brush from reputed brands and from reliable stores to ensure quality of the makeup tools. Keeping the brushes clean and maintaining them is also very important as bacteria may form on them if not cleaned properly. Makeup brush cleaning liquids and solutions or baby shampoo can be used for cleansing them.

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Popular Manufacturers

Among the various companies that manufacture various types of makeup brush, the most famous and popular brand is the Make-up Art Cosmetics that is commonly known as M.A.C. It’s high quality brushes and the variety that it offers has made it the favorite brand of professional makeup artists and celebrities. The other well known brands are Sigma, Bobbie Brown, Essence of Beauty, Sephora, Sonia Kashuk and others.

To keep cosmetics in perfect order and protected from damage, professional makeup cases are a must have for all women. A variety of such cases are available like Aluminum makeup cases that are strong, durable and come in various sizes with locking facilities. These are now available in attractive colors too. The soft professional makeup cases are made from soft fabrics that have separate compartments to hold the items in place even while traveling. The train makeup cases are very popular as they are easy to use and have a sophisticated finish.