Skid steers are mechanical machines that have lift arms and other attachments that are used mainly for constructions purposes. It is used to dig, drill and remove dirt in construction areas. These machines have four wheels where the right wheels can operate independently from the left wheels. For these machines, there are tires specifically designed for their use and they are known as skid steer tires. These tires are only used on skid steer loaders and they have certain features that make them appropriate for these machines.

heavy duty skid steer tire

Features of Skid Steer Tires

In every product comes their distinct feature that makes it specialized for a certain task, thus this skid steer tires have their own distinct feature that makes it different form the rest of the tires available in the market. Without these features, the tires will be ineffective in dealing with the various duties that skid steer can perform.

  • They are made from rubber and synthetic rubber, which is very durable and strong. This ensures that the tires last for a long time and able to withstand extreme conditions and terrains due to its strength.
  • The tires have treads with very deep grooves, which ensure increased traction thus increasing handling of the machine. The grooves are designed in different ways depending on the surface where the skid steer will be used.
  • These tires are wide and large in size thus have wide surface areas that come in contact with the surface. This enhances the machines performance and handling.
  • They come in various sizes and designs in order to cater for the different sizes of skid steers.

Types of Skid Steer Tires

Together with the tire features are its types. It is important to understand the type of tires for a skid steer to make it work perfectly for a given task.

  • Flat proof skid steer tires – these do not have inner tubes but rather a solid rubber that is air cushioned. With these tires, you need not worry about it getting punctures. In addition, they have replaceable rims and have a high load capacity.
  • Solid skid steer tires – they come in a variety of designs and are mainly designed of solid rubber. They are mainly used in concrete and asphalt surfaces. They have extended life and two rows of holes that let the tire flex with ease thus increasing traction. There are also smooth solid skid steer tires and do not have treads.
  • Foam filled skid steer tires – these tires are filled with a chemical solution in the place of air. The foam solution adds weight to the tires thus increasing the tires traction.
  • Solid pneumatic skid steer tires – these skid steer tires are made from solid rubber but designed to look like tires that are air filled. They do not use air but have layers of metal ply and rubber that makes the tires feel like pneumatic tires.

hard wearing skid steer tires

There are various brands of these skid tires available in the market and one of the best brands is the Case skid steer tires. It is advisable to do a price comparison for skid steer tires in order to get the best tires at affordable prices.