One should not be confused when denim vs jeans comes up as a topic. It should be clarified that denim is a material used to make clothing while jeans is a type of trouser that uses denim as a material. Jeans have grown in popularity that is why they are collectively known as denim jeans. They should not be confused having the same characteristics because they are totally of different category.

Origin of Denim

Denim was first used in Nimes, France as fur line cloaks for the aristocrats. During that time, denim was not colored blue. As they became popular, they were commonly seen as a “work cloth” with miners because its fabric is very durable and can be worn many times before being washed.

If you will understand closely the point of denim vs jeans comparison, there is a good chance that denim is being compared to the rest of the fabrics in the form of jeans. It could’ve been assumed that jeans don not only use denims for its material. It is quite absurd but that could be one of the explanations why the comparison happened. Denim is not limited to being used to make jeans. It can be made as jackets and sometimes shorts.

denim and jeans differences

Denim vs jeans is a good way to educate people of the type of clothing being used. This will further make them realize that certain factors need to be categorized first before they will be compared.

Variations of Jeans

Jeans have many variations as a trouser. They have different colors to choose from and durability also differs depending on how they are being made. The distinct feature of jeans is that they will have a faded look as time goes on. A faded look has become a fashion style nowadays that brand new jeans have a faded look right away. They have different designs at the same time because all ages can wear it already. The designs vary and some are limited to a certain gender. Like skinny jeans will never work out for men and straight cut designs looks great with everyone.

skinny jeans walked off against wide leg denim

All popular clothing will eventually have many variations. Jeans right now are using different fabrics together with denim to achieve a certain texture and look. Flannel lined pants is one of these variations that have caught the attention of the latest generation.

To sum it all up, denim vs jeans should not be entertained as a discussion topic. It can be used as a basis of the growing evolution of today’s clothing but not to be entertained as a different category. This article helps to make awareness that denim vs jeans is categorically incorrect and denim jeans is correct.