Custom printed labels refers to custom information printed on forms and attached to bottles, bags, fabrics, clothes, CD bags/ sleeves and so on to give a brief description of the product, decorate them and make them more attractive. They are an effective way of advertising and displaying products.

Purpose of Custom Printed Labels

Printing is done to make products stand out and suit the individual tastes of customers. The custom printed labels may contain words, shapes, pictures and works of art aimed at making the product pleasing to the eye. They add a different dimension to ones marketing strategy, ensuring that packaging of products is trendy and attractive, as opposed to drab and boring. In general, these types of labels are designed to identify products and set them apart from similar products.

customized printed woven clothing labels

Types of Custom Printed Labels

  • Custom printed clothing labels include custom printed fabric labels that show ones name, company name or anything one wish. They are designed to have the professional look. They may be in the form of adhesive clothes labels, personalized custom labels, and iron on labels and hang tags for projects.
  • Custom printed CD labels include printed CD jackets and carbon sleeves. Custom printed CD labels identify the product and makes it stand out from the rest. It aids in identification of the firms/ sellers and helps catch the attention of the buyer. They are an attractive and interesting way of marketing the CDs and distinguishing them from the rest. It includes design of CD labels to be stuck on the CD and CD jackets using color, shapes, images and fonts that stick out.
  • Custom printed jar labels on the other hand are labels designed so as to be stuck on jars. Jar labels are used for identification of the product highlights its distinction from the other products plus also serves as identification for the product. Jar labels are usually used on food jars to advertise it. They usually are made of very vivid colors that highlight the product.

Tips For Successful Custom Printed Labels

Customizing labels is a several steps procedure. Here are some of tips in successfully employing custom printed labels include:

  • Identifying what product is to be labeled
  • Deciding on what kind of custom printed labels to use on the product. They can be custom printed clothing labels, custom printed jar labels, and custom printed CD labels and so on.
  • Coming up with a format/ design to highlight the product name and key details. It should be very clear and without congestion as this suffocates the identity of the product.
  • Choosing the product design. This will not only impart an unforgettable memory of the product, but also distinguish it from the others similar to it.
  • Printing of the custom printed labels.
  • Attaching the custom printed labels on the products.

satin custom printed clothing label

The use of bright and unique shapes and designs for the labels imparts an unforgettable image of the product on the mind of the consumers. Successive custom printed labels therefore are an effective method of marketing the products, attracting the consumer to the product and giving the product an edge over others.