Waste management is very important especially in homes and commercial premises. Therefore, it is important that waste produced in these areas be reduced into a form that can easily be pumped into the central sewer system. To do this, a sewage grinder pump is needed. The grinder pump functions in a very simple way. The waste from the home or premise is pumped into a holding tank where the waste is stored until it reaches a certain level. At this level, the pump automatically switches on, grinds the waste in the holding tank into slurry, which afterwards is pumped into the main sewer system. For quality, effective and durable pumps go for Zoeller pumps.

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Components of the Sewage Grinder Pump System

  • Tank/ holding tank – this is where the waste from the home or premise is stored before the grinding process. It is made of high density polyethylene or polyester reinforced with fiberglass.
  • Pump – this is essential as it provides the power that is needed to push or drain the slurry into the main sewer system.
  • Level sensor – this sensor alerts the owner that the waste level is at its maximum. Also, if there are problems with the pump, the sensor will trip the alarm off.
  • Pipes – it has both the inlet and outlet pipes. Inlet pipes can be several but outlet pipe is only one that leads to the central sewer system.
  • Cutting/ grinding mechanism – this functions to cut and grind the waste into slurry.
  • Lid – this prevents entry of unwanted materials into the sewer grinder pump holding tank that can interfere with the pump’s operation.

Important Features

The following are the features of the sewage grinder pump that makes it different from other types of pumps:

  • It has a grinder system that is efficient and energy saving.
  • Its clamps are made of stainless steel that minimizes corrosion.
  • Its cable connection is watertight.
  • Its bearings are durable as they are heavy duty.
  • The pump’s motor is well protected but easy to access for maintenance.
  • It has a unique lifting handle that makes handling easy.

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Common Problems

Eventually any machine or equipment will have troubles. Some of the common sewage grinder pump problems include:

  • Wearing out of the rotor bearings
  • Blockage – some items in the waste may cause blockage
  • Frosting
  • Power problems

When doing a sewage grinder pump installation, there are some considerations to be made. If it is an indoor system, place the grinder pump and holding tank below other drain pipes, preferably the basement. Also, ensure the temperature is above that of freezing. For outdoor installation, ensure the pump and tank are located below the frost line to prevent the pump from freezing during the cold season.

Sewage grinder pumps mainly find application in areas where gravity sewage systems cannot function effectively. Other areas where the sewage grinder pump can be used include farm areas, factories and sparsely habited areas.