An undermount sink has the amazing capability of adding class and style to plain and even dull rooms. These sinks are installed to give clean lines and no visible seams between the top of the counter and the sink in itself. Provided a professional installer is given the task of installing the sink, it looks great on marble as well as tiled surfaces.

The main factor to consider in the installation of an undermount sink is the size of the room in which the sink will be installed. The right choices made on the style of undermount sink to go with is bound to bring about amazing results. A stainless steel utility sink is a good choice of sink for people with large families as these sinks provide for large space that is useful for chores like doing the dishes, washing your clothes and other washing chores available.

royal class undermount sink

Installing Stainless Steel Undermount Sink

When choosing for stainless steel undermount sinks, there are several factors to consider before they are installed;

  • Size – it is important to go for an undermount sink that fits for proper proportion and harmony of the equipments. This adds on to the aesthetic value of the room
  • Presence of faucets – sinks usually come together with their corresponding faucets or you have to purchase them individually. Make sure first they come as a set to avoid double orders.
  • Theme – stainless steel sinks are mainly for the kitchen. If they have to be used in bathrooms, one has to ensure that the bathroom theme goes in line with the stainless steel colour. Undermount bathroom sinks are really dangerous choice to go for, since matching is not always guaranteed to work.

Installation Tips

If you are or have a handyman inside the house you can install them provided you are great with following instructions. The following are tips on how to install undermount sink successfully;

  • Get a professional to cut an appropriately sized hole for the installation of the sink depending on the size and design of sink desired
  • Make sure you test fit the sink to ensure that the hole was cut to the right size
  • Secure the sink bowl firmly with bolts and screws
  • Drill holes for the faucets then wait for about 24 hours before finally installing the faucets

 perfect stainless steel undermount sink

Pros and Cons

Every utility has its own pros and cons. They are based on different factors and situations. The following are some of the disadvantages of an undermount sink:

  • Cleaning the rim of undermount sinks is frustrating as scrubbing the rims leads to the damaging of the surface next to it.
  • Under mount sinks cannot be used with laminate counter tops
  • extra cost with sinks and counter top
  • creates an environment for allowing germs to grow

Some of the advantages include the following;

  • They have a perfect contemporary style especially for the modern home
  • Its flash fitting design gives ones kitchen a flawless look
  • The plumbing of these sinks is hidden under the cabinets

Undermount sinks are growing in popularity today because of the benefits that a person will get as compared to the regular sinks. It does its job in the kitchen or bathroom and more which most of the time the person is not expecting.