Window treatments enhance the beauty and style of every room; and they help to set a specific mood that you desire. Identifying the different types of window treatment hardware is the best way to start decorating your window. Usually, combining treatments create a more polished look in your window. Below is a quick overview of the most common styles to help you get started.

Accesories for Tab Top Curtains

Some Kinds Of Window Treatment Parts and Accessories

There are multiple types of window treatment hardware that you could use; but, combining and layering one type over the other will give your home various looks so that you can get rid of your old and boring plain curtains.

Window Shades:

Window shades can be used in a window alone or along with the curtain of your choice. They can be affixed either inside or outside the window frame.

Different Shade Styles:

  • Roman Shade – This is a shade that has horizontal rods or folds where the shade raises into a sequence of soft pleats. It is made up of cords and rings, which control the folds and it hangs flat when it is lowered.
  • Roller Shade – This shade style helps to reduce the amount of daylight that enters the room. Roller shades are usually made out of fabric or vinyl and are typically thermal lined. This shade can be retracted and rolled up when it is not being used, and you will not even notice that it is there.
  • Balloon Shade – The balloon shade is almost similar to the Roman shade – it also has cords and rings that can be raised when desired. Also, it can be permanently adjusted into a stationary position.


Different  Types Of Window Treatment Hardware

Curtains and Drapes:

Curtains are basic light-fabric window treatments we usually install into our home. You can make certain variations with drapes and curtains with their headings in such a way that they are hung in a decorative manner from the curtain rod or mounting board.

Draperies, on the other hand, are more stylish and formal. They are usually installed in living and dining rooms and are designed with pleats, smocks, or gathered headings. Typically, rods and hooks are used to hang them over the curtains. They can be opened or closed using the pull cords at the outside end of the window.


Different Curtain And Drape Styles:

  • Tab Top Curtains – This curtain style includes fabric panels with fabric loops that are inserted into a rod. Among its variations are clip tops and tie tops.
  • Pleated Drapes – These compose of long fabric pleated panels with drapery tapes. This also comes in different styles and variations.
  • Cafe Curtains – These are short, straight curtains that are hung to cover the lower part of the window.
  • Ruffled Curtains – Obviously, these are curtains assembled with ruffles on the top, inside, or at the bottom.
  • Thermal Lined Drapes – This drape has a lining that is created to block the heat during summer and the cold during winter season.
  • Bishop Sleeved Curtains – These curtains are somewhat similar to the bishop’s garment sleeves. They are draped on top, then tied or held back at the center, and puffed out, in order to imitate the shape of a goblet.