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Types Of Ventilation For Home And Office | Content Injection

There are a lot of types of ventilation available today. Modern times have given man a myriad of ways to cool off, get comfy – and with a tad bit of style. The 21st century after all is the age of iPads, smartphones and social medias; where technology has given you access to virtual farms and plays an important role in liberating countries, inspiring revolutions. The reach of technology extends as far as your home and office, offering you quite a few types of ventilation.

Perfectly Quite Air Conditioner

Defined as the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, proper ventilation is essential for homes and offices to make it comfortable and conducive to work and live in. There are two modes of getting your home and office ventilated – installing a proper ventilation system for your place and employing the use of different types of ventilation available today.

  • Natural ventilation. This system is all about maximizing your place to make it susceptible to air infiltration as much as possible. You can either strategically place your windows or doors to where winds are most likely to blow in, or place more windows to make your house airy.

This type of ventilation is not really ideal for offices as the wind blowing in, and other external factors that having an open window brings, can be detrimental to your work

  • Mechanical ventilation. No matter the type of fan, quite air conditioners, centralized air conditioning system, they all have one thing in common – ventilation is achieved by means of a machine powered by electricity. Depending on the type of appliance you purchase, the energy and level of comfort you achieve varies accordingly. In the case of air conditioners, try to go with the quiet air conditioners since they are generally the same with the regular unit, just minus the humming or buzzing noise a regular one emits.

The cost and expenses you’ll incur will vary as well depending on the appliance you opt. Fans are cheaper, while air conditioners tend to be way more expensive. In the end, it boils down to your budget and comfort needs. If the heat is keeping you up at night, then going with a quiet air conditioner is a good decision.

  • Solar ventilation. This is probably the most cost-effective among the types of ventilation available today. It’s not really that popular and not as accessible as a fan or air conditioner, but it is cheap and eco-friendly to boot. The perks of this type of ventilation also include lesser maintenance, easy to install and has no running costs. This is a new concept that utilizes the solar energy to operate a fan, drawing fresh air and filtering it prior to releasing inside your office or home.

Generally, the amount you spend purchasing this is equivalent, if not more, to what you will save in less than two years from electricity cooling cost.

Eco-Friendly Quite Air Conditioner

In choosing amongst the types of ventilation, try to think it through and consider all factors involved – budget, necessity, long-term benefits – before deciding. Whether it’s for home or office, your ventilation system should be conducive for you, not a hindrance.