There are different types of surveillance that are being employed by business establishments for public protections. Some homeowners also use video surveillance system for their own protection against crime. Today National Government set aside a large amount of budgets for public surveillance with the purpose of catching criminals. Based on studies conducted by many independent survey groups for crime watch, they found out that crime rates decreases in the areas where surveillance are being installed.

different types of surveillance

Based on collective analysis, it was found out that there was a decrease of about 51% crime in parking areas, where the surveillance systems are being installed. Whereas, in the public transportation places decrease of 23% crime rates was observed. However, surveillance systems in the public areas experienced minimal decrease of 7% crime rates; nevertheless it still helps lower the crime rates in general.

In case you do not have much knowledge or if you want to know more about the different types of surveillance system that are being employed by many individuals, we are listing down some of it for you.

  1. Computer surveillance – this involves monitoring of internet traffics and data in the internet. The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, of United State uses this surveillance system but because there are so much data in the web, they use a triggering words or phrases to sift and intercept the data that seems suspicious.
  1. Telephone surveillance – this is one of the types of surveillance systems that are widely used in United States. In fact the two giant telephone companies the Verizon and AT&T had sign a contract with FBI that all their phone calls will be recorded and can be easily access and search when it is needed to solve a crime.
  1. Surveillance cameras- these are actually video cameras that are being installed with the purpose of observing activities in the area. Most business establishment to discourage crimes in their area will put a video surveillance signs to send a message to the criminals that they are being watch. Surveillance cameras mostly are connected to the recording devices. Most home security system uses this type of surveillance for their protection, because it is much cheaper. Footage will only be recorded when it can detect motions.

essential video surveillance signs

  1. Aerial surveillance- this is one of the most expensive types of surveillance since it uses micro air vehicles where the cameras are being attached to it. The United States Department of Homeland Security uses this surveillance system to watch and protect critical infrastructure, border monitoring as well as watch the overall America populace against crime.

These are just some of the few types of surveillance that you can find in the marketplace for your protection. If you want to know more about it, feel free to check on the net and decide what’s best for your business and home protection.