Who doesn’t love spending a day at the spa? Whether you have nothing to do with an entire day other than to get pampered or you can only squeeze in one spa treatment, there are tons of types of spa services to choose from. Next time you head to one of several Dynasty Spas, have an idea of the types of spa services you’re interested in getting.

Popular Spa Treatments

Every spa offers a basic massage and a combination manicure and pedicure. Familiarize yourself with the trendiest types of spa services to get a new treatment that you haven’t had before.

  • Many spas offer tanning services. However, since tanning beds can be dangerous to your health, opt for a sunless spray tan booth instead.

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  • Lash extensions are gaining in popularity, and since they’re tricky to apply, you’ll want to head to a spa and have a professional apply the lashes.

  • Body polishes combine skin exfoliator with massage to give you the best of both worlds. You’ll be massaged with a body exfoliator to ease your muscles and buff your skin at the same time. The exfoliator is usually a salt or sugar scrub that’s been mixed with essential oils.

  • The newest kind of facial uses crushed pearls to make your skin look healthy and vibrant. This is best for people who have sagging skin because this type of facial will tighten any loose skin.

Med Spa Treatments

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Med spas offer medical-grade, non-invasive types of spa services to improve your appearance. Many medical spas offer Botox to make your skin look more youthful by getting rid of visible wrinkles. Laser hair removal may be tedious and pricey, but you’ll never again have to shave. A laser slows down hair growth by zapping the hair follicle. You have laser hair removal done on any body part. Most med spas will offer teeth whitening.

Other Spa Services

Some spas go above and beyond the basic treatments to offer additional luxurious options. Some spas allow guests to stay overnight or even for a long weekend. This is common in spas that are attached to hotels or resorts. Instead of just a day of spa services, you can have an entire weekend of spa pampering. Spas that book early morning appointments will often offer a hearty, healthy breakfast. At many spas, employees will offer guests a cup of coffee or tea, water with lemon or even a glass of wine or champagne.