Have you ever wondered why perfumes for women have more fragrance, drama and levels of strengths than that of men? This is not because men do not benefit from using a perfume as much as women. This is because a good, attractive scent is one of the ingredients to beauty and beauty is closely knitted to being a woman. That is why perfumes for women come in an array of different fragrances.

most popular womens channel floral scent perfume

Types Of Perfumes For Women

The bulk of the perfume industry nowadays goes to perfumes for women. Each week, one fragrance is being launched. You can just imagine the market’s demand for it. With all the scents available, the following are the most distinct fragrances of a woman’s perfume.

  • Floral

From its name, you can just imagine how floral perfumes for women smells like. But to be specific, this smell consist flowers scents like the roses, gardenias, carnations, jasmine and orange blossoms. This is of course, just some of the famous flower scents women love. Floral scent is also the most popular fragrance of perfumes for women and also the largest category in the women’s perfumes. Most popular perfumes for women with floral scents are Vera Wang, Summer by Kenzo, Happy to B by Clinique and Beautiful by Estee Lauder.

  • Citrus

The scent of citrus signifies energy, youth and fun. It is best during daytime. Its fragrance exudes the smell of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, mandarin and tangerine. The fragrance can uplift your mood and can be very refreshing. Top brands known for their citrus fragrances are Calvin Klein’s CK One, Cartier Eau’s Eau de Cartier, Clinique’s Happy and Donna Karan’s Be Delicious.

  • Fruity

Popular fruity scents in perfumes for women exude the smell of peach, apple, mango, berry and some more juicy fruits. Often, the fruity smell is blended with distinct floral fragrances to spice it up. Top brands with fruity perfumes for women are Liz Claiborne, Ralph Wild by Ralph Lauren and Splash by March Jacobs.

  • Oceanic

The Dune of Christian Dior launched in 1991 was the best example of oceanic scent. It is a combination of natural aromas like ocean spray, mountain air and clean linen. The Jennifer Aniston perfume launched last 2010 has oceanic smell with its beach-like scent combined with a clean laundry smell. However, Jennifer Aniston perfume also let out a good marine floral, summer smell with the hint of Jasmine to be just oceanic. Good oceanic fragrances popular brands are Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden, Cool Water by Davidoff and Ocean Dream by Giorgio.

  • Green

This is a very sharp, grassy fragrance with a hint of pine, leaves, juniper and herbs. This is the best scent for women who love the outdoors. Top brands for green scents are Safari by Ralph Lauren, Haute Couture by Hanae Mori and Bond No. 9 by Bond No. 9 NY.

  • Oriental

This scent is often associated with passion, exotic and sensual side of a woman. It is made from heavy spicy scents of resins, amber, balsams, musk and some mixture of spices. The heavy scent is best during winters. Top brands are Taste by Jessica Simpson, Obsession and Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Crystal Noir by Versace, Opium by Yves Saint and Violet Angel by Thierry Mugler.

  • Spicy

Spicy is a sweet scent that combines spice and sugar. It is quite homey, warm and comfortable fragrance that can exude the smell of ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and pepper. Top brands are Coco by Chanel, Vetyver by Jo Malone and Cinnabar by Estee Lauder.

  • Chypre

This is kind of a wood and mossy mixture of fragrance coined by Francois Coty, a French perfumer who created a perfume from his own impression of Cyprus. Chypre is actually the French name of Cyprus. The scents of chypre exude the smell of oak moss, bergamot, citrus, some earthy aromas and patchouli. Popular brands are Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan and Timbuktu by L’Artisan Parfumeur.

  • Fougere

Often attributed as a scent for men but is also one of the best scents for women. In fact, its best known brand is one of the classic perfumes for women, the Revlon’s Jean Nate that was launched in 1935. Fougere is a French word for fern and is a scent of mossy ferns and fresh herbs combined. Aside from Jean Nate from Revlon, other popular brands with fougere scent are Sport by Liz Claiborne and New Tradition by Etro.

combined mossy ferns and fresh herbs fougure scent

These perfumes for women are not necessarily expensive although some are from popular perfume brands. Some of the inexpensive perfumes for women are the floral scent of Beautiful, the Citrus scent of CK1, the Oriental scent of Taste and the woody smell of Pure Turquoise. Each scent can enhance what you want to radiate; from being sexy, lively and adventurous to being veiled, secretive and mysterious. Pick one or two or try them all. These perfumes for women are made to bring out the best in you.