Pen refills are used to extend the life of many types of high end pens. When you have purchased a pen that you like and you love its performance, it is always a wish that they would last forever, failure to which you end up purchasing a new pen every time which proves to be costly. Most pen makers have realized the importance of having pen refills so that their customers may continue to enjoy longer service from pens they bought.

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Types of Pens that Need Refills

Pen refills at times are determined by the cost and type of pen you have. In any case while making your purchase, it is essential to calculate whether it is worth buying the most expensive or cheap pen refill as high price does not dictate the life of ink.

  • Ballpoint pens are among the best known writing tools, which offer long service than other ink pen types. By this, it means that you do not have to purchase many ballpoint pen refills which make them economical. The best advantage with this type of pen is that you can access these pens with their refills at a discounted price especially when buying in bulk. A brand that is well known is Cross. It will always come with a ballpoint pen bundled with Cross pen refills as an enticement.
  • Fountain pens have been available since time immemorial and have always had refills to keep them going. There are two different types of fountain pen refills, namely, the traditional bottled ink pen refills and ink cartridges for new models.
  • Roller ball pens also require refills although their refill kits tend to be expensive compared to those mentioned above. Their ink tends to run out faster calling for regular purchase of ink refills, which becomes costly with time.

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Bottled pen refills are easy to use as one only needs to fill the ink pen reservoir with ink from the bottle by using the method of suction. A rubber is allocated at the internal reservoir on a fountain pen or whichever application allocated suction.

Pen refills are convenient to use as you can keep stock for your favorite type of pen and never have a hassle of having to purchase another pen. In the long run, they are also economical considering the price of the pen as well as the service it is bound to give you. Therefore, most advantages trickle down to being able to save money when you invest in one. The only disadvantage with refills is that you might have to get your hands dirty while refilling. Stop throwing pens and keep your favorite ones by having a stock of pen refills at your office or home.