Panties were created to provide comfort and to let a woman feel sexy. Here are several types of panties that you could choose from.

Brief Panties

Brief panties are really comfortable to wear. These types of panties are actually the most basic. In height, they start from the navel and cover the entire buttocks. They can be classified further as:

  • Classic Cut – It covers the hips on the sides and the upper thigh.
  • Control Brief – It gives the hips a great shape as well as the buttocks; hence, it is usually used as a body shaper. It can keep the tummy in because of its height. It has a tighter feel and is flexible too because it is usually made of stretch fabric.
  • Full Brief or Bloomer – It is sometimes referred to us “granny panties.” They are not very common and fashionable enough for the younger generation.
  • High French Cut – It has a high cut design at the sides causing the upper thighs to be more exposed.

very comfy marie jo noa brief panty


Boycut panties are also called boyleg or boyshorts because they resemble the men’s brief. Aside from covering the entire buttocks and the upper thighs, it also covers the inner thighs. Compare to hipsters, it covers more area.


Hipsters are specially designed with waistbands that sit comfortably around the hips. They are like briefs only that these panties don’t reach the waist or navel since they are worn lower than the navel. They cover the hips fully too. These types of panties are designed to be smooth and soft to the touch and are very suitable for sensitive skin.


Bikini panties are designed to fit the hip level and with strappy and smaller side sections. These panties have a sexier look because they don’t fully cover the butt. They look like inverted triangles that were sewn together. A variant of bikinis, a string bikini only has strings to join the back and front portion of the panty.

smooth jockey bikini panties


Thongs are the types of panties worn with tight fitting dress or clothes and if the clothes are white. With thongs, only the waistband is visible and not the panty line. Most of the thongs are made from sheer fabric; hence, they are considered as sheer panties too. These panties may come in various types.

  • Cheeky – This type of thong has the most coverage at the back, however, it is liberal in showing the cheeks of the buttocks. That is how it got its name.
  • C String – This is the new innovation in lingerie. There is really no panty line for this panty because in the first place, there are no straps.  It is like a C-shaped cup device that only covers the genitalia.
  • G String – This panty nearly has no rear covering. It only has a string at the back that usually disappears in the folds of the buttocks.
  • T Back – T back has a T-shaped rear cover.
  • V String – This panty has 2 strings joined together at the crotch area forming the letter ‘V.’

All these types of panties are unique in their own ways which make them desirable. When buying your set of panties, make sure to check for durable and comfortable materials like cotton and nylon. Stick with comfort first and comes next the fashionable, sexy appearance in choosing one of these types of panties.