Typically, when you speak of motor boats your attention is directed into something moving on water. They are vessels powered by combustion engines and are propelled through water. The propulsion could either be a jet propulsion or simply propeller motion. The mechanism used in jet propulsion is water suction-expulsion where water is sucked through the front then is expelled at the rear thereby achieving a thrust which causes the boat to move. In propeller motion, the propeller allows the boat to move as it cuts water while spinning continuously.

Features And Uses

Certain features and uses distinguish motor boats from one another. They differ according to the four main types of boat motors. They also have relatively different boat bottom paint depending on their design and the designer’s choice of colors.

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Types Of Motors

Note that the term powerplant is used when the engine is fitted within the boat. Otherwise, if it’s a removable part, it’s called an outboard. Certain motor boats are built according to the following features:

  • Inboard/Outboard Motors
    With an inboard/outboard motors, the combustion engine (internal) is installed within the boat while the propeller and gearbox are outside. Generally, inboard/outboard motors contain a powerplant and an outboard.
  • Inboard Motors
    Compared to inboard/outboard motors, inboard motors are mounted slightly lower and farther forward. The inboard is configured in two ways, the V-drive and the direct drive. The difference between the two configurations lies in the placement of the powerplant and the propeller shaft. The direct drive has its powerplant mounted at the middle of the boat and its propeller shaft at the back. On the other hand, the V-drive has its powerplant mounted at the back and the propeller shaft going to the front making a V towards the rear.
  • Outboard Motors
    Outboard motors are clamped onto the transom. The motor steers the boat by pivoting on its mounting making the boat turn into the opposite direction. There are various sizes of outboard motors depending on its capacity and design.
  • Jet Motors
    Jet motors are special motors that use engine to move the boat. The engine pumps water through a nozzle causing it to pivot thereby steering the boat. There are basically two types of engines for motor boats, the two-stroke and the four-stroke engines. The two-stroke engine is lighter, easy to repair, and cheaper. However, it can be noisy and releases a significant amount of smoke. The four-stroke engine, on the contrary, is quiet, smooth, has less smoke emissions and relatively good fuel efficiency. Its disadvantage, however, is on its heavy weight and greater repair costs.

Motor boats are perfect for people who love adventures simply because the vessels can take them to places instantly and with a good view of their surroundings. Motor boats are often used on lakes, rivers, and seas without the need to worry over and wait for the right wind conditions.

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Available Types And Popular Manufacturers

Several manufacturers specialize on certain types of motor boats. The following list may significantly help you out if you plan to purchase or use one.

  • Fishing Boats
  • Bass Boats
  • Cabin Cruisers
  • Deck Boats
  • Houseboats
  • Wakeboard Boats
  • Jet Boats
  • Pontoon Boats
  • Sailboats

Limit not yourself with this article. There is more online to know in-depth about motor boats.