Medical uniforms are used by medical staffs and this includes doctors, nurses and others who work in the medical laboratories. A large market for this kind of clothing is available since it is not used in an ordinary retail establishment. For that reason, most medical experts who wear uniforms have to buy it from any medical uniform store.

Medical Uniforms Types

There are different kinds of medical uniforms that are available to protect all the body parts. Medical uniform protects the wearer as well as those who are in close contact with them, if they are very ill or injured badly. Medical protective outfit such as the oxygen mask is commonly worn to protect someone from dangerous substances like chemicals, dirt particles, harmful radiation, bodily fluids, waste products and others. To be precise, the main function of medical apparel and hospital apparel is to keep the skin and personal clothes free of contagions such as disposable hospital gowns. Many businesses are involved in this trade of medical clothing or hospital clothing, medical scrubs and medical uniforms wholesale.

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According to Designation

There is a wide range of medical uniform these days. Despite of all the changes which have occurred in our society today, doctors still make use of the white “lab coat” in nearly every set up. Nurses do not wear this, they wear scrubs which have become well known in the nursing profession. Other uniforms for instance, those used by emergency medical technicians commonly known as EMG are available. They are trained medical professionals which staff the ambulances for transportation of patients as well as offering emergency medical services.

Their medical uniforms are dark blue in general, and have buttons and special pants. The designation of the pants is for rugged uses that have pockets for medical tools which they have to carry at all times. The main reason for this design of uniform is that the uniform matches those worn by the firefighters and most emergency medical technicians work for the fire departments.

The white lab coats as well as the scrubs are the most used medical uniform in the United States of America and the western world. The white lab coat was used due to the fact that the doctors can wear them while studying blood in the laboratories or when they prepare medicine and go to the patients while still having them. Doctors then became associated with it. Now lab coat has become the standard medical uniform.

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Nursing Scrubs

The scrubs became medical uniform for the nurses due to the need for practical and more comfortable clothing for long duration of care giving. At first, they were designed for surgery, but later adopted by surgical nurses who wore it all the time. A number of countries still use the old fashion style of nurse uniform for instance, dress and apron in Africa, Asia and Australia. This adherence to traditional style is fading away rapidly as a large number of people are adopting the western style.

Scrubs come in different sizes, colors and styles. For instance, white cross scrubs are available as tops and pants in various designs and colors. Some of the top designs include solid scoop neck tops, solid V-neck tops, round neck tops among others.