It is a dream of every individual to achieve their set goals in life and as a symbol of their achievements everyone expects to receive some kind of medal. These medals are signs of success whether in sports, military, academics, athletics or any other fields. It is one of the greatest moments in life when a person is awarded the various types of medals by the higher authorities who are the judges – who does not want to be lauded and appreciated for efforts rendered and excellence in doing it, correct?

highest military medal of honor

The various types of medals

Traditionally, there are three categories of medals, in descending order they are:  gold, silver and bronze. The weight, size and shape and the composition of each medal varies according to the occasions. However, they must be in accordance to the specified standards. In the making process of these medals, pure silver sheets are used as the basic metal of both gold and silver. In case of gold medals, the silver sheets are plated with a minimum of 6gm of gold. The bronze medals are made from sheets of copper alloy. After the sheets are made they are passed through a machine where there are no inscriptions. The stamps are inserted later according to the occasions for which they are awarded.

How the different types of medals are awarded

After any kind of achievements in academics or music and dance or recitation competitions apart from sports and military proficiency, the gold medal is presented as the highest award to the best performer and the second position holder gets the silver medal while the person who is third in rank gets the bronze medal. However, the medals can vary every time as the authorities can order for custom medals. The inscriptions or the embossments are customized to bring a variety to the various types of medals.

It has been noticed that the medals of the Olympic Games vary in design and inscriptions every year. There are different kinds of custom medals that are awarded for the great performances by individuals.

They are:

  • The Medal of Honor is given out to a person in the military or navy who risks his/her life for the country. It is recognition for an act of bravery and self-sacrifice.
  • Another medal that is offered to military personnel is the Distinguished Medal of Honor. It has the coat of arms design of the US and is bordered by a circle of dark blue color. He/She who serves the US Army with great responsibility is awarded this special medal.
  • The Air Medal is a distinguished medal awarded to military officers in flight. It is a bronze medal and has an eagle embossed on it in a downward flight motion with two lightning bolts held in his feet.
  • There is a special medal for those soldiers who have died in war or been injured severely. It is the Purple Heart Medal which has the shape of a heart with a golden trim.

anodized air medal

In the sports arena too the three types of medals: gold, silver and bronze are presented to the achievers. Other types of medals are often awarded in schools and colleges that have the names of the particular institutes or the subjects of excellence engraved on them. It is indeed a great honor for any person to receive these medals, on top of applauses and appreciation.