Flowers are an important asset in any garden as they not only add to the beauty of the surroundings but also ensure a clean environment. There are a variety of flowers that can be planted in the garden and one of the most liked are the lily bulbs. These flowers are mainly grown during the summer or spring season. Lily bulbs are used for various purposes such as:

  • Decorations for weddings and other events
  • To enhance the appearance of a garden
  • As a gift

strong scent orintal lilies

Types of Lily Bulbs

Lily bulbs are available in a variety and knowing the types is important especially when it comes to selecting the lily flower for your garden. They include:

  • Oriental Lilies – These lilies are perennial and are known to produce large flowers with a strong scent. They bloom well during summer.
  • Asiatic Lilies – They bloom during early summer and are known to produce flowers that are rich in a variety of colors.
  • Tiger Lilies – Tiger lilies are perennial and produce flowers that have unique colors. These lilies have a shade of one color with spots spread on the flower giving it a unique appearance such as yellow tiger lily, red tiger lily and pardalinum tiger lily.
  • Easter lily bulbs – Just like its name, these flowers are used during the Easter period. Its flowers are white in color with a slight shade of yellow.

How to Grow Lily Bulbs

Below are tips on growing and maintaining lily bulbs.

  • Plant the lilies in soils that are well drained. These flowers do not grow well in soils with large amounts of water. Medium sandy soil with sufficient humus is preferred.
  • To ensure growth, it is recommended to always water your flower bed. Lilies need to be watered thoroughly and deeply but not on a daily basis. When watering, avoid the leaves as water tends to make the bulb rot.
  • The location of the garden is very important. The area needs to receive direct sunlight as lilies require sunlight for growth.
  • Use fertilizers to provide nutrients that ensure proper growth of the lilies. Fertilizer should be added before flowering and after the flowers have bloomed. Do not apply fertilizer to new bulbs planted.
  • Trim the lily plant so as to create room for development of new bulbs.

wonderful yellow slight shade easter lily

In the place of lilies, one can opt for caladium bulbs. Caladium produces flowers of varying shades, which can be used instead of lilies. However if you really intend to have lilies on your garden, you can buy lily bulbs from the local or online florist stores. Most gardeners will make online purchases as it is easy to find cheap lily bulbs at online stores. Plant lily bulbs and grow them to add beauty of varying colors to your garden.