Hundreds of years ago and even up until now, the fireplace has served to be the major heater in a house. Since urbanization has happened, the fireplace has evolved to various heating equipments such as the different types of heaters. Heaters have become common in households today because of the plunging temperatures during winters. Since it is hard to be comfortable in a cold temperature, heaters have been created to address this need. They serve as protection from cold and give you peace of mind while you are at home. However there are numerous types of heaters in the market today and it is essential that you know about each in order to buy the best heater based on your budget and requirement.

 most convenient type of convection heater

Types of Heaters

  • Convection heaters: These are extremely popular. The system itself produces the heat and transfers it through a circulation technology that the heater works on. It works on the principle that hot air is lighter than cold air. Hot air thus raises and heats the room. This type of heater may be very common but they are ideal only for small spaces such as the bathrooms. So if you require a heater for the bathroom or any small room, this should be your choice.
  • Forced air heating systems: These systems are like conventional heaters but the difference is that these systems force the heat into the room without relying on gravity to do it. The air is forced throughout the room and that is how the room is heated up. Thus, these systems are faster than the conventional heaters and can be used conveniently for larger rooms too.
  • Electric heaters: The market is full of electric heaters today that are to be installed on the walls or floors. This is one of the types of heaters that are similar to conventional heaters but they are much more efficient. For one, they don’t use fossil fuel making them eco-friendly. Also, they are low maintenance and easy to use.
  • Slimline storage heaters: These systems have been designed for spaces such as hallways, living rooms and dining rooms. There are also different manufacturers that design these heaters for bathroom use. The reason why these heaters are popular is that they have the ability to store heat. The heat saved from the previous use can be utilized subsequently without any problems. They are extremely energy-efficient and are thus the best choice today.
  • Oil filled heaters: These heaters are also known as radiant heat panels. They have a receptacle to store oil. They might not be the safest choice but they are definitely the most effective choice that you will find. The oil might take a while to heat up but once it is hot, it will remain so for a long period of time.

 energy and money saver slimline storage heaters

The internet has a lot of online stores that sells discounted heaters. You can select from one of these types of heaters based on your requirements. Don’t limit your budget when buying one. Heaters are an ideal investment.