A hair dryer, also known as blow dryer, is commonly used for drying wet hair. This equipment is handy when you need to style your hair most especially when you are travelling. However, it is essential first to know how to use a hair dryer in order to effectively and safely use it. Without proper guidance, you might harm your hair instead of doing well to it. Improper hair dryer usage can lead to split ends and weak, breaking hair.

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Below are some procedures to guide you on how to use a hair dryer in a more effective manner.

  • After purchasing the hair dryer, make sure to read and understood instruction manual. This will help you identify all risks that are bound to happen.
  • Ensure that you do not use your hair dryer regularly. Use it only when necessary to prevent slip ends and breaking of hair.
  • It is highly discouraged to use dryers in showers.
  • Ensure that your hair is damp and not wet.
  • You can apply serum or mousse to ensure that your hair does not break during the whole process.
  • Put off switch before plugging in your equipment.
  • Ensure that the heat is at a lower level. Just increase the heat as you progress.
  • If you want texture and volume, add air diffuser.
  • A soft brush encourages hair to dry quickly; hence, it is important to use a soft brush instead of a comb.
  • After using your hair dryer, unplug it and keep it in a safe place for use next time. It is most preferred to put it on a blow dryer holder.

Types of Hair Dryers

There are different types of dryers that are available in markets today. What you choose mostly depends on your budget and also on your preference.

  • Ceramic hair dryers – They ensure even distribution of heat; hence, they cause less damage compared to others. These dryers help in preserving moisture when styling. Some examples of this type are BaByliss, Pro, Ionic, Ceramic Blowdryer and Avanti Ultra Professional Ceramic hair dryer.
  • Tourmalline Hair dryers – Compared to ceramic hair dryers, you will find that Tourmalline dryers release negative ions and infrared rays that help in protecting your hair.

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When purchasing the best hair dryer, it is essential to make sure that it is light in weight and durable. It must resist corrosion and heat. If you are looking for a professional hair dryer, you should go for one that has a combination of both ceramic and nano silver. According to hair dryer reviews, they give you smooth and shiny hair. Find the best type of hair dryer for you and use it properly in order to avoid hair problems.