Folders are useful for the management and storage of documents in an orderly manner to avoid loss or damage of the same. There are also photo folders that are used for storing photos. This folder can be a great home decoration accessory because they are small, neat and come in different colors. There are different types of folders, which vary in material used to make them and size of the folders and this dictates their applications.

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Paper Folders

They vary from light paper to multilayered paper folders, depending on the number of documents the folders will hold. However, they are not durable since frequent use will yield to a tear that will eventually destroy the folder. They are used for storing documents in offices where there is minimal risk of damage by people. They are also used by students for carrying assignments and forwarding academic reports.

Plastic Folders

They are more durable than paper folders. This is because plastic is more resistant to tear and moisture than paper. They are water resistant since plastic does not absorb water, so even if it rains, the documents in the folder are safe from damage. These types of folders are mostly used for field work since most of them have flaps, which cover and protect the documents contained in the folders.

Proper Care Of Folders

All in all, regardless of the material your folder is made of, it will not last without proper maintenance and care. Below are a few tips that you can use to care for and maintain your various types of folders.

  • Store your folders away from the public. If everyone keeps on flipping your folder, then it is most likely to get spoilt fast. Therefore, storing your folders in private places or drawers is essential.
  • Only take out your folder when you need it. Carrying it around unnecessarily increases the risk of tearing it when you drop it, or even worse losing it.
  • Different folders are cleaned differently. For paper folders, brush the dust off using a feather brush and for plastic folders, use a damp soft cloth to wipe the dust off.
  • Use the folder the right way, do not store documents that are excessively larger than the folder. This will only lead to the folder being destroyed.

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Folders can save you a lot of trouble in looking for misplaced documents. You can choose one of the many types of folders to store your documents safely and save yourself the trouble of having to search endlessly for them.