Many ATV’s, or all-terrain vehicles, come standard with Dunlop ATV tires mounted. They truly are the preferred choice.

Selecting the proper tire for your three or four-wheeler is a breeze. Once you jot down the model numbers from the side of your current tires, you’ll have all the information you need. Armed with that data, you can bring it wherever you find Dunlop ATV tires for sale at a tire dealer.

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Dunlop ATV Tires History

The story behind Dunlop ATV tires is a long one. It began over 124 years ago in Ireland as a bicycle tire. Since then the company has followed a progression of technological advancements and racing applications.

From the Le Mans and BMW partner racing, to an integration with GoodYear Tire in the year 2000, this is one ATV tire with achievements to boast.

If you’re purchasing any Dunlop ATV tires then you should do so with confidence. The trademarked MSI traction technology keeps your knobby treads hugging the road safely and securely.

With Dunlop’s bead seat system, the tires and rims strongly fuse together. This helps cornering and general responsiveness on any terrain type.

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Types Of Tires Available

There are numerous types of ATV tires you can find at a Dunlop ATV tires sale. Some of the more common types are below listed:

  • Racing Or Sport Tires

Dunlop makes a superior racing tire. With its improved tread pattern for maximum traction, tire and rim bonding technology, and even run-flat features; it is a top tier tire. Depending on the type of track you’re racing on, you will need to be selective with this type of tire.

  • Mud Tires

These Dunlop ATV tires are great for muddy and sloppy conditions. Their tread pattern is irregular and you’ll find the spacing optimal for muddy areas. The Dunlop mud tire is a great choice for mud bogging.

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  • Sand Tires

Are you a fan of riding your ATV on the beach? Then purchase sand tires for your machine and save the driving for the sand only. Asphalt, mud, and other terrains are harmful to this type of tire. It is designed specifically to dig in and push away sand.

  • Dunlop Quadmax ATV Tires

A high-performance ATV tire, this aggressively patterned tread tire has a wraparound design allowing for improved cornering and side traction.

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Shopping Guide

Tips on when and how to shop and select the right Dunlop ATV tires are here for your convenience:

  • Research The Tire Ratings. Investigate internet reports on tire model performance, braking, tread-life and handling.
  • Know Your Needs. If you are looking for Dunlop ATV tires then you should know the specifications required for a replacement tire. Also, identify the terrain-type you’ll be exploring. Do this because there is likely a tire built specifically for the terrain you frequent.
  • Check Your Tread First. By using the Lincoln penny test, you can decide if you even need new tires. Slip a penny, Lincoln’s head down, into several tread grooves. If any part above the head is exposed, your tread-life is worn and it’s time to replace the tires.

This guide will help you get the appropriate Dunlop tires for your ATV.