Construction work needs plenty of cutting, and there are various of types of cutting tools for construction available. Each cutting tool does a specific type of cutting, which you must be familiar with. One tool may not work well with a specific type of project, so, it is likewise important for you to know the different types of cutting tools for construction that you will need for the kind of project at hand, in order to get the desired result.

rip cut teeth cross cut saw

Kinds of Cutting Tools and Their Uses

  • A cross cut saw have teeth that resembles a knife, which makes the cutting process easier to cut the wood fibers. You can have a smoother cut by using this saw.
  • The plywood saw has fine teeth that cut on the tearing of the exterior side piles of the plywood. The additional set of teeth on the curved edge of the blade let you to begin a cut from the corner without the need of drilling a hole.
  • The crosscutting tool is best for making some joints in the backsaw. It is designed in the way by having a squared end and it is very strong with the blade on the back side. Therefore, the blade stays rigid when cutting.
  • The dovetail saw helps to cut the fine joints and narrow kerfs.
  • A keyhole is also called as drywall saw, which has the ability to cut the light metal, hardboard, and wood.
  • The copying saw contains an appearance that matches with jewelers saw. These saws have high steel frame located on the blade. It can be rotated at all angles to let it to cut the wood curves.
  • By using a reciprocating saw, you can have the heavy duty rough cutting easily. The blades will move in the piston. It is best used to put some holes in the walls for plumbing and electrical wiring. It can also make good cuts in the PVC pipes and has a capacity to cut the plaster, wood, and metal.
  • In the construction project, the circular saws easily do straight and quick cuts. A protector surrounds the blade and the upper protector is fixed. The lower protector retracts if the saw is cutting the wood or metal.

versatile and handy saber saw

The Saber Saw: One of the Best Types of Saws

The saber saw is also called as powered jig saw. It is a hand used power tool, which is used to make some curved cuts in wood materials. The saber saw`s versatility and portability offers more beneficial things to use in multiple works.

The saber saw standard blades are replaceable and removable. You have the options of special types of blades for cutting leather, plaster board, rubber, cardboard or plastics. The saber saw blade is thin; hence, you can able to make curves with tight radii. The curves with convex or concave profiles can also be created. It is also good to mark the profile which you want to cut on the wood or metal.

These types of cutting tools for construction are designed to be safe for use, but, it is also necessary to practice caution while using any of these saws.