There are various kinds of basketball jerseys in the market and one of them are the custom basketball jerseys. The only question is what type is right for you and will make you look your best. Here are the different kinds of custom made basketball jerseys that you could have:

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Your Best Choices: Custom Basketball Jerseys

  • Throwback basketball jerseys – If you prefer to rock it the old school way, you could have a customized retro hoops jersey. If you like Kobe Bryant for example, you could have a Lakers jersey with the name and number of Kobe but with the design of the Lakers uniform from 20 years ago. This is an example of throwback custom design that even players would wear in practice games every now and then.
  • Replica custom basketball jerseys – these hoops jerseys are referred to as replicas because they are made to look like the original but they are just the less expensive duplicates or versions. They are in fact cheap custom basketball jerseys. Such jerseys are made with the cheapest possible materials with lettering and numbers that are screen printed.
  • Genuine basketball jerseys – these custom basketball jerseys are the most expensive kind. They are made of the real materials as the pro kinds are, but tailored to fit you. The materials are of good quality and the letters and numbers are double stitched.

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  • Pro cut basketball jerseys – pro cut custom basketball jerseys are the exact replica of the professional players – made in the same exact size, materials, etc. Other than the quality of materials and brand, it being bearers of the name of a popular, highly-paid athlete (which almost always rewards royalty fees for the personality), they are really expensive.
  • Swing man basketball jerseys – these jerseys are customized for the regular fans. The material is nice and breathable; the size is for the ordinary person and the price is very reasonable. They are better versions of the replica in that they are imitations of the original basketball jerseys, but the numbers are stitched, albeit singly, instead of printed like in replicas.

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  • Personalized basketball jerseys – these are the kinds of custom basketball jerseys that has your name and your desired player number sewn or printed on them. You can have your name at the back of the jersey while your preferred number is in front. You could even have custom reversible basketball jerseys done this way.
  • Special edition and limited edition basketball jerseys –these types of custom basketball jerseys are the ones used for special occasions. For example, the Los Lakers variation of the Los Angeles Lakers jersey, or the NBA All-Star jersey usually are priced differently and under the special/limited edition section because they are rarely used.

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To bring out the fanatic in you, choose from amongst these custom basketball jerseys. Always get the ones that fit your budget, your style, and your personal preferences on quality.