The type of blades that is being used for knives determine the function it is made for. Generally, a knife can have a fixed blade or a folding one. However, an in-depth look at the function brings out different designs. Some are suitable for kitchen activities, hunting or even cutting industrial materials like wood and plastic.

Using the wrong blade for the wrong job can break it, loosen the joint attaching it to the handle or injure the user. So, to help you chooose the proper blades for the knives, here is a list of the popular blades and what they are being used for.

Popular types of blades for knives

1) Spear point blade: As the name suggests, it has a spear like point with a spine running from it. The spear shape concentrates the energy at the point making it the best option to penetrate hard surfaces or materials. It can have two edges; or have one of the edges sharpened halfway.

different Types of Blades for Knives

2) Clip point blade: It has a clipped spine that brings the blade inward leaving a sharp tip that can pierce deeper. It can be customized to have two edges though the back one is a false edge. Having two edges reduces the amount of effort needed to cut and pierce.

3) Drop point: The spine curves at the tip though not as deeply as the clip point. Hence, it cannot pierce deeply but it can cut faster and better than the clip point.

4) Curved point: It is suitable for slashing because the back edge curves upwards. The user cuts a large area in minimal time and effort.

5) Normal blade: It is popular for chopping and slicing. It has a curved edge and a level back that pushes energy to one point. In addition, when the focus shifts to one point, it becomes stronger and slices the material faster.

6) Sheepsfoot blade: The name originates from the historical activity this blade was used for; it was for trimming hooves. This design has a flat edge, but the back curves slightly towards the tip.

Types of blades of knives: Materials Used for Blades

Stainless steel

  • Considered as the one that is used in making the best cutlery.

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  • It is hard thereby resisting deformities that come up when in use.

  • Hardness is increased in the factory through heating; improving durability.

  • It is long lasting and resistant to humid and wet conditions especially for hotels and hospitality activities.

  • It is easy to manufacture leading to a wide range of designs.

Manufacturers have taken this process further by creating different designs and sets. Hence, you can find a Wusthof knife set with stainless steel handles or black wooden handles. Such a package is cost effective because it provides every blade that is needed but without the extra cost that arises with single purchases. More so, you are able to select a package that includes the basic types of blades for knives you have in mind.

When making your purchase, you should remember to check how suitable the blade suits your need. For example, is it for daily use? Where shall you use it; when you go fishing, in the kitchen, do it yourself activities? Also remember to check the features such as the handle, number of edges and even the weight.