Beer coolers have been around since the 1950’s in Australia. Ever since people decided they wanted their beer chilled, the cooling business has been a booming one. The right cooler for you exists for chilling an individual six-pack or stocking your commercial-grade freezer in your convenience store. The capacity of your cooler is limited only by your required usage.

stainless steel glass door beverage cooler

Types of Beer Coolers

There are numerous types of beer coolers. You’ll find that the dimensions differ which is simply based on your usage and preference. They also vary for commercial applications since beer may not be the only thing stored in a walk-in cooler environment so temperature settings may vary.

cool rideable electric beverage cooler

  • Commercial beer coolers – These include beer coolers for bars and even convenience stores which require large spaces to stock inventory.
  • Portable coolers – Beer coolers which act as nothing more than buckets of ice carrying your cold beverages is what these are. If you’ve seen the big orange Gatorade cooler, then you know how portable these coolers are for transporting beer.
  • Beer keg coolers – These are designed for holding a keg. Some look like over-sized picnic or beach coolers with spouts on the outside. Others are for home-use and carry a 1/4 or 1/2 keg and have added space for refrigerating other items.
  • Private use – Remember your college days? You had a dorm room and some friends may have stashed a beer cooler. Well, the same small knee-height beer coolers are available for the homeowner today. These go well in outdoor patio spaces for the barbecue area or downstairs in a den or home bar.
  • Display coolers – There are coolers with multiple wire rack shelf systems inside them. They have glass doors which allow for display of your cold beverages. These coolers are over 6 feet tall and are used in various commercial store settings.

simple and portable beer cooler

Other Uses of Beer Coolers

Beer coolers aren’t exclusively used for keeping beers chilled. Since the commercial size and quality coolers can accommodate other beverage drinks, sodas and juices can go there. Some convenience stores use large commercial cooler rooms as beer coolers as well as grocery coolers.

modern beer and breverages cooler

For the casual homeowner, small coolers can be used to chill anything. If you’re going for a picnic or the beach you can use a cooler for sandwiches, water, carrying ice, and other snacks while you’re away from home.