A bathrobe is basically an indoor garment worn and loved by people because of the comfort and warmth it offers once one slips into them. It is quickly substituting shower wrap as a towel. Today, there are several types of bathrobes that are available in a multitude of materials. Since individuals have different preferences and comfort level, finding the best material is a task made simpler.

It is important to note that each material has its advantages and drawbacks. For personal use however, only the wearer of the bathrobe is able to tell what is good enough and what is not. Many people prefer absorbent bathrobes that are able to keep one dry after having a bath among other types of bathrobes. Other than the material, or rather fabric, there are also other factors that you need to consider when selecting various types bathrobes. Key factors include color and overall design. Design entails the following:

 personalized terry velour bathrobe

  • The presence or absence of a collar
  • Availability of pockets
  • Length of robe
  • Presence of a belt, buttons or cuffs

There is an expanded selection to the array of bathrobes available today. The following is an overview of the most common types of bathrobes available today with regard to material used.

  • Velour bathrobes These bathrobes are considered to be luxurious because of their soft feel. They come in either cotton or polyester.
  • Silk and satin bathrobes These kinds of bathrobes are very comfortable, but only to the dry skin. This is because silk and satin are not able to absorb moisture.
  • Waffle Weaved Cotton bathrobes These bathrobes are very comfortable and very absorbent.
  • Microfiber bathrobesThe fiber used is lighter than silk, hence, it is breathable and absorbent. This kind of robes can also be brushed into a luxurious suede feel.
  • Cotton/Terry bathrobesThese are always the first choice for most buyers. This is because they are naturally very soft, absorbent and affordable. They also come in different designs, colors and lengths.
  • Cashmere bathrobes These bathrobes are very light in weight, very comfortable, cozy and warm. They have insulating properties.
  • Chenille bathrobes – These robes are made from a fabric called chenille that is very light in weight, making them popular.

two tone silk satin kimono bathrobe

There is no specific formula for selecting particular types of bathrobes, since selection will dependent on an individual’s preference. Dull colors like black, brown and grey however are said to be relaxing, while screaming colors are more of adventurous. Some bathrobes have mixed colors and designs ranging from cartoon characters to abstract, lines and swirls. Kids mostly love wearing bathrobes with the design of their favorite cartoon characters. Know your style and check the quality of the bathrobe that you would want to have.