Metallic nail polish is in style these days and perfect for evening events and parties. The particular unique polish and look that the metallic nail colors possess makes it highly in demand for women who are fashionably in style. Metallic shades are in demand for the youngsters too. The nail colors that one wears can speak about a person’s personally to some degree.

shine mirror effect metallic nail polish

There are numerous colors of metallic nail polish that you can choose from. If you happen to like the conventional metallic gold nail polish or the metallic silver nail polish you can acquire numerous colors of both. From light colors to the darker shades, exciting and impressive are the best words to describe the metallic nail polish colors. We all know that there are many nail polish brands available in the market today but one cannot just buy any nail polish that one can find in the store. It is important to know, if the chosen nail polish are safe and contains no toluene, DPB as well as formaldehyde that are dangerous to one’s health.

Top Nail Polish Brands

Below are some of the top nail polish brands that are widely used by many fashionable women from all over the world:

  • Sally Hansen
  • China Glaze
  • Juicy Couture
  • Revlon
  • Orly Nail Polish
  • L.A. Girl
  • Zoya
  • Wet N Wild
  • Essie

different trend nail polish colors

Nail polish is a fantastic means to put some color into your life. If you want to be exciting and trendy and in the mood to use metallic nail polish, you can always try to use different shade other than gold and silver. You can find almost any colors with metallic polish to suit your taste, mood, outfit or even those important occasions that you need to stand out above from the rest without being so overwhelming. If you are an office woman and you just cannot wear metallic shades at your finger nails, no need to worry, you can bring it down to your toe nails. You will be amazed to discover how this metallic nail polish looks good in your feet.

Woman today are luckier because these metallic shades are now easily obtainable in the market, unlike before. Also most of the metallic nail polish is healthier as well as safer option to the faux nails, since the faux nails can disintegrate the nails over time. Whereas the nail polishes provide natural growth without invasive decoration.