An ATV refers to a vehicle that is particularly perfect for off road purposes and at the same time serves equally well while on the road. For ATV tires to be properly functional, they need to be checked regularly and be changed appropriately according to the terrain. This article will further increase your knowledge about ATV tires.

heavy and long lasting ATV vampire tires

Types of ATV Tires

The different types of ATV tires are specially designed in their own different way to serve the terrain on which they are designed for. Some of the types of these tires that are used today include:

  • Vampire Tires – Vampire tires are heavy and long lasting. They have wide spaces between their lugs. These tires are most suitable for hard terrain; hence, do not need to a lot of traction between themselves and the road.
  • Sand Star Tires – As the name suggests, these tires are suitable for sandy terrains. These tires have v-blades that remove sand from the tires while in motion.
  • Gator Tires – These tires are made of natural rubber and are designed to enable the vehicle save fuel when plying muddy terrains.

The phantom mud king is a perfect example of the ATV mud tires. These tires are designed with small spaces in between their lugs in order to increase their traction on the road, making them suitable for muddy terrains. These tires are also able to self clean as they spin their way out of mud. These tires are durable, large in size thus increasing traction.

Brands and Shopping Tips

Below are some of the most important features of ATV tires that are the basis when shopping for them.

  • Type of treads on the tires
  • Width of the tires
  • Speed rating
  • Cost of the tires

Contrary to many peoples’ assumptions, it is not every day that the saying “the higher the cost of a commodity, the higher is its quality” applies. For this reason, one can easily access cheap ATV tires online and still land on quality tires. Online sites offer a lot of ATV tires for sale. The cost of tires differs from brand to brand. In the market today, there are different brands of ATV tires namely:

  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • Michelin

all natural rubber ATV gator tires

Dunlop, a leading tire dealer in the world, now has its own makes of Dunlop ATV tires. These manufacturers have come up with a wide range of ATV tires for the different terrains, each with its own distinguishing features. To avoid disappointments or experiencing problems in rough terrains, have the most suitable ATV tires for the terrain that you would want to ride to.