It has been more than 25 years that Saddleman seat covers are being used as decorative items to decorate car interiors. The company is popular in manufacturing different types of innovative seat covers.

Professional and regular bike riders are using the Saddleman seat covers motorcycle types. Both the motorcycle and Saddleman camo seat covers are available in variety of colors and sizes. Car and bike owners like to use the Saddleman seat covers because these durable covers are always available at reasonable price.

saddleman universal front bench seat cover

Features Of Saddleman Seat Covers

Only quality materials are used to produce Saddleman seat covers. Everything from imitation leather to rugged saddle is used to manufacture the seat covers. The Saddleman motorcycle seat covers are always made of leather that gives a biker the required security and style as well. If you are in need of a sporty seat cover and a regular item for the family car, Saddleman has all of them in their collections. The covers are easy to install and fits in quickly to work for a long time.

caltrend digital camo seat cover

Tweed Seat Covers

The tweed style Saddleman seat covers are good for big trucks and cars. These are actually custom-made covers that you can use to blend your personal taste with to make the perfect Saddleman seat covers motorcycle of your own. If you are using an imported bike that has some distinct contours, it is good to make use of the tailor made covers. It will suit both the size of the seat of that imported bike and give it a chic look. The custom-made seat covers from the company are handmade and some strict standards are followed to manufacture the products.

alpine 60-40 saddleman split bench

Leather Made Seat Covers

The leather made Saddleman seat covers are for both bike and car users. All the covers are made of premium leather that gives perfect fit and durability. What is most important about car or bike seats is that they should fit in perfectly and the leather made Saddleman camo seat covers are best used for this purpose. Here are some features of the leather made seat covers:

  • The perforated panel at the center of the seats makes them breathable.
  • The leather seat covers are custom stitched and the cut is special to give a smart fit for any model of car or bike.

comfortable saddleman motorcycle seats

Maintenance Guide

The leather made Saddleman seat covers need proper maintenance to work properly in the long run. The outer parts of the covers are softer than the inner portion and if you don’t maintain them, they soon get creased. Here are some points that can follow to take care of the leather made car or bike seat covers:

  • Sometimes you need to park the car in direct sunlight and the UV rays cause harm to the upper part of the seat covers.  You can use a sun blocker in the windshield of the car to keep the temperature inside in control and to prevent the wrinkle development.
  • You must use genuine and soft leather cleansers to clean the seat covers of bikes and cars. Do not rub the seat covers with the cleanser. Apply it gently to clean the covers.

Take note of these tips to prolong the life and beauty of your Saddleman seat covers.