A trophy is a reminder of the achievements that people have accomplished in their lives. They symbolize victory and glory. For this reason, they should be placed in trophy cases wherein they are encased so that they can last for a long time and still be seen and appreciated everyday by everyone who sees them. Trophy cases have several benefits such as:

  • Trophy cases are good home interior décor furnishings. When trophies are arranged properly in their cases, they offer an attractive look to the living room, which is where most people set their trophy display cases.
  • They protect the trophies from damages.
  • Using these cases is a neat way of preserving memorabilia such as an autographed basketball, which would be best preserved in a basketball display case.

mirror- back trophy and display case

Types of Trophy Cases

Trophies are of different kinds and shapes, thus the need to make different types of trophy cases. There are majorly three types of trophy cases, namely:

  • Tower cases – Tower cases are trophy cases that stand on the floor, and measure about 1 to 2 meters high. They can either be made of wood or glass or a combination of both. Some of the larger cases come with an aluminum frame for extra rigidity.
  • Wall mounted cases – These cases are attached to the wall by the use of brackets or screwing directly on the wall. Most of the cases of this type are small in order for them to easily fit into the wall. They can be made of wood or glass as well.
  • Acrylic display cases – Acrylic cases are used for holding small items such as small trophies, toy cars, dolls, caps, shoes, tennis ball, golf ball or base ball among other items. They are generally expensive in comparison to their sizes. These cases are mostly used for preserving heirloom and items related to such.

vintage wood display and trophy units

For people with more specific needs on what kind of trophy case to own, there are custom trophy cases which are made with keen attention to the specific details of the client. If you are not planning to spend much on these display cases, then there are cheap trophy cases for you that you can buy from online stores or local trophy case shops that deal in second hand merchandise. Trophies can be quite motivational, especially when you are in doubt of your abilities. So for proper preservation of trophies, get good quality trophy cases.