Plant markers are devices use by gardeners to avoid confusions with the names of their crops and other plants. Whether they are growing a small garden or running a large piece of land marking the plants is important especially for those who grow variety of crops all throughout the whole growing season all over the world.

Well, every gardener takes pride in his garden, admiring their plants as they grow, envisioning the produce after all the work. Yet, his admiration for his crops is accompanied with a responsibility which is to be able to identify what’s growing, in which spot across his yard. So, having plant markers would be of great convenience and offer several benefits for the growers.

Lots of options exist depending on your growing environment and what you are planning to grow. The tools can be prepared by making simply-written text or engraved-nameplates on several pieces of wood, plastics or used metals from your garage.

creative galvanized plant markers with pen

Benefits Of Plant Markers

  • Increasing Productivity And Avoiding Mix And Match

Organized and proper placement of seedlings plays an important role in growing any plant. So, to have plant markers make the planning of gardens, flowerbeds or even granary so simple, assures the grower a good production during harvest times and avoid mix-and-match circumstances in his yard.

  • Easily Identify Saplings

In addition to that, as we all know, plants undergo several stages of growing which could be of great hassle because of the difficulty of identifying the saplings. Of course, crops such as vegetables and fruits need several nutrients and specific care to obtain a good quality of produce and putting on their layers a plastic plant markers make them easy to identify from various plant types at a single glance. You can even practice color-coding method on the plastic if you are brilliant enough to remember all their distinctions from other plastic markers.

  • For Easy Transactions With Buyers

For a typical grower, he is also a marketer, commonly a domestic one.  Imagine how much time will be wasted if you are this kind of marketer who travels to several places just to sell your goods, without considering the damage it would cost you and your crops. That would be a pain in your pocket. But, if you will commercialize your garden, many buyers will come to you and would start asking about your plants and their prices. But that would be again a waste of time and effort because of lots of sales talk and probably will consume your whole day dealing businesses to lots of people. Then, place engraved metal plant markers and wood markers to your plants to inform the buyers the prices of your plants and seedlings. In that way, you can save time and effort and will earn more bucks compared to the usual routine. Other information such as harvest times or care schedules can also be included to provide information to the buyers and other growers.

inventive gaden markers

Useful Tips

  • At this point in time, if you are organizing your garden for the upcoming spring season, you better include in your plans the practice of putting garden plant markers.
  • Soliciting information and ideas from other enthusiasts or online may give you tips of what is the best selection of plant labels or markers to use for growing plants.
  • If you consider affordability, prefer to use plastic plant markers which come in varying kinds such as pre-printed, blank, stake and sign post labels. Choosing pre-printed labels offer the most convenience for this type but take into account other information you would like to include in your marker because pre-printed ones do not have space to write into for additional notices. Also, plastic markers do not last long; maybe a single growing season or two but after that, you need replacements.
  • You can also device metal scrapes from your garage to use as markers but availability of metal markers in the market will give you wider options to choose from.
  • There exist an insert-and-replace variations and should be labeled using permanent markers or paint. Just make sure your paint is not water-based. This type of marker is ideal for harder soils and beddings when compared to plastic markers. The only problem might be rusts because at some time, metals wear out also.
  • If you think you are not going easy with those markers, then maybe you can resort on wooden plant markers which are commercially cheap but easy to customize to add more sights on your plants. You can add decorations on them or draw images of the plants. They have exceptional durability especially if made from fine wood and the most important thing is safety first. Wooden plant markers are somewhat the epitome of the plastic and the metal type. But, the verdict is still up to the growers
  • One last thing to consider, love your environment and always remember to reduce, to reuse and to recycle.