Nothing really beats the elegance of a man in tuxedo with tuxedo vest on. It is fashion that exudes masculinity, strength and authority. It can also show comfort, style and flexibility. The man in this attire can really ooze confidence that somehow lacks in other formal wear for special occasions.

A tuxedo vest can come in rich designs with very fine fabrics in its tailoring. That is why nothing can really beat its classy and formal appeal in an occasion where you need to look your best.

elegant men,s tuxedo vest and tie

History of the Tuxedo

If you think about it, tuxedo is a strange name to call such attire. A suit sounds more formal than tuxedo or ‘tux’ as it is often referred. How did it begin by the way?  There are a lot of stories which circulated around about the origins of the tuxedo. However, the Pierre Lorillard story has the most probability of its origins. His story became one of the most distinct incidents responsible for the tuxedo’s fancy image.

Pierre Lorillard is a wealthy man who owned a tobacco plantation Northwest of New York. He had acquired a piece of land from the Indian tribe. This area is called P’tauk-seet-tough, which is the name of the tribal chief meaning “home of the bear”. Later, it was shortened into “tuxedo”.

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Lorillard developed the area to become a park. He gave it a reputation of a hunting and fishing sanctuary for the elite in which his life circulated. He acquired Italian workers to build elegant houses within the fenced area. This became a resort for America’s rich and famous. Following this, the residents formed their Tuxedo club which is made up of the citizen’s cream of the crop.

During their first ball club in 1886, the fashionable apparel for men is the long tailed coat matching a tie. Pierre Lorillard, his son Griswold, and some young friends decided to be donned on a tail-less coat with a vest inside.  Many speculated that it was designed and tailored by a famous Savile Row tailor, Henry Poole & Co.  Some also say that it was derived from a formal fox hunt jacket. Using their lofty stature and prestige, the Lorillards made a drastic change in men’s formal fashion with their new cut of formal coat. This is said to be the first appearance of tuxedo and its vest in a luxurious, formal event. Many had copied such attire and eventually became the ‘attire’ for special and very formal occasions. Now, with a less formal event, a man can don a tuxedo vest on without the coat for a more relaxed appeal.

The tuxedo vest, of course, became one of the best apparels for important formal occasions like weddings, charity balls and some other festive occasion. It can also be worn during formal cruising, black tie events, white tie affairs and also during funky Mardi gras parties.

formal lads white tuxedo

Popular styles and designs

  • Tuxedo vest and tie in black is the most classic of all the tuxedo vest designs. You cannot get a wrong impression if you wear this on any formal occasion. You can play with your tie by choosing patterns, whatever you feel like wearing.
  • Camouflage tuxedo vest comes in different patterns. It can be a camouflage mossy oak pattern or the camouflage military pattern. Both styles can have a matching tie and a dark jacket. These styles make a very masculine impression.
  • White tuxedo vest is very elegant in silk with matching dark ties. Its neat and clean lines make its simplicity very classy.
  • Mardi gras tuxedo vests have colorful styles which you can wear perfectly with a Mardi gras bowtie and scarf. You can wear it with lots of beads which you can toss around later.

well designed mens camouflage tuxedo vest

There are more styles to choose from. Silver tapestry velvet silk tuxedo vest is quite popular, too. It has very interesting vine patterns. There are scarlet silk tuxedo vests, too, that are very vampy and dramatic. This is also a certified attention-getter. Popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, Cardi, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss can offer you an array of stylish and elegant tuxedo vests that will fit your sense of fashion.

Tradition and elegance is signature of the tuxedo vest. It is the best apparel a man can wear in any formal occasion. There are a lot of handsome designs to choose from too. The tuxedo vest continuously makes its wearers fascinatingly stylish.  Its classic look never fades in time.