For that perfect, elegant and flawless look of a tuxedo, all the pieces of the attire should flow well and complement each other perfectly. For this to happen, one should have enough knowledge on concepts of a tuxedo shirt, all its ins and outs. Failure to know all these details could lead to a terrible outfit instead of the stunningly amazing one a tuxedo should be.

perfect fit tuxedo shirt

Common Fabrics of Tuxedos

Tuxedo shirts are made from various fabrics, and the most common materials are:

  • Cotton – these are absorbent and comfortable, but that is about it, they have nothing exceptional that catches the eye.
  • Silk – these shirts look quite modern and sophisticated as compared to other materials used in making shirts.
  • Linen – linen shirts are more or less like the cotton shirts.

Black Tuxedo Shirt

A black tuxedo shirt would go well with all the popular tuxedo colours which are white, black and grey. This colour, however, sets the theme as well as mood of an occasion and is, therefore, not suitable for a jolly occasion like a wedding or any other sort of party. A black tuxedo shirt, however, could work for formal occasions like dinners and cocktails as it is an official colour.

Tuxedo Shirt for Any Occasion

A ruffled tuxedo shirt would be the perfect shirt for a formal occasion that would require a casual look later in the day. This is because it is perfect for both casual and official scenarios. Such occasions include weddings and business cocktails.

Tuxedo Shirt Styles

There are various kinds of tuxedo shirt styles based on their collar types and selection on the most appropriate kind is based on personal preference. Some of the tuxedo shirt styles include the following;

  • Wing tip shirts – this shirt style is the most refined, most classy and most elegant of them all. For these reasons, it is the most preferred style. This shirt has a distinct collar that is up straight and looks fabulous when worn with a bow tie. These tuxedo shirts are quite formal.
  • Mandarin tuxedo shirts – these are a blend of the traditional and modern shirt styles. They have a collar and, therefore, do not need to be worn with a tie.
  • Lay down shirts – this type features a collar that is the same with the button-down shirt.
  • Pique – knitting style using cotton with a very soft waffle-like texture.
  • Pinwale – the fabric is made with narrow ribs like the corduroy fabric.

classic wing collar tuxedo shirt

Pairing with Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo pants come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes. They are mainly made of polyester and wool, and their selection is based on one’s size and the theme of the occasion. The shirt is only as good as the pants they say, so matching them up with the right pants is very important for the whole attire to work perfectly.