Wine lovers would know that among the several known wine regions in Italy, Tuscany is the largest. Tuscany has various sub-regions, all of which have become homes to quality wine. For this reason, the entire region has become famous for its Tuscany wine tours, which majority of the residents themselves have initiated to promote tourism in their place. Indeed, the Tuscany wine tour succeeded in bringing tourists into the place.

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Tuscany wine tours naturally involve going to vineyards and visiting wineries; learning about the winemaking process; and of course, Tuscany wine tasting. The Tuscany wine tours may be arranged for a private tour with one’s partner, friends, or families. As an alternative, a group tour with other tourists and guests may also be availed.

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Aside from the abovementioned activities common to a wine tour, Tuscany wine tours also cover travel booking and hotel and resort accommodation packages. Usually, wine tours in Tuscany also provide a complete pre-set itinerary that includes other travel places aside from vineyards and wineries. Some Tuscany wine tours offer a customized itinerary, which may be available upon the clients’ request and prior notice to the travel company. Other services may consist of transportation, reservation or appointment-setting, meal suggestions, and brief lectures about Tuscany history or the history of wine in Tuscany.

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Here are some Tuscany wine tours people may want to check out:

Barolo Tuscany wine tours – The Barolo vineyards reportedly have the most meticulously set up vine stands in Italy.

Castles of Chianti Tuscany wine tours – The tour commences in the vineyards and includes an educational tour with regard to the place’s grape varieties, soil, climate, and other facts about the locality.

Chianti Classico Tuscany wine tours – This is a famous tour around the winery of the famous Italian red wine, which is a combination of the sangiovese vine with the traditional canaiolo, malvasia, and trebbiano vines.

Montalcino Tuscany wine tours – This tour involves a visit to another ruby red wine produced from sangiovese and brunello vines.

Montepulciano Tuscany wine tours – The wines of Montepulciano are a combination of Chianti vines with bianco, grechetto, and mammola vines. A bonus fact for this tour is that the place itself is a miniature version of Florence.

San Gimignano Tuscany wine tours – The hilltop town of San Gimignano offers a great overlooking view of other surrounding towns. It is widely known to be the home to Vernaccia di San Gimignano, which is a white wine.

Valpolicella Tuscany wine tours – This involves a tour around the verdant hills that surround Verona, which is known to grow indigenous vines.

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The abovementioned Tuscany wine tours are only some among many others that people, particularly wine lovers, would surely never grow tired of visiting. For bookings and reservations, one is advised to check the schedule of the desired tour in advance as slots tend to fill easily. Also, one gets more chances to avail of discounts and promotional packages if he regularly updates himself with news and travel details about these Tuscany wine tours.