Looking for a fun, easy and rewarding craft? By using Tulip Tie Dye you can create amazing works of art for a relatively inexpensive price. There is a wide range of items that you can choose to tie dye; the most often used is a t-shirt. To start your craft off you will need the following list of tie dye supplies.


  • Tie Dye Kit
  • Craft Gloves
  • Garments or other fabric to dye
  • Buckets
  • Rubber Bands
  • White Distilled Vinegar

As a side note, tulip tie dye offers readymade kits that include everything that you need to start your tie dye adventure. The only thing that you need to supply will be a garment or fabric.

tulip summer camp tie dye assortment


Once you have everything that you need you next need to decide on what type of tie dye designs you wish to create. There are a variety of fun designs that you can you can create with tie dye. The designs are created by rolling your fabric into a certain way and then putting rubber bands around it in strategic places. You then pick and choose where you want your colors to go and then either squirt your color on or dunk your garment into that pigment. Some designs that you can create with tie dye are: bull’s eye, heart, stripes, ombre, swirl, sunburst and sponging. These designs are easy to create and can give each item you create a different fun look.


After you have decided which designs you wish to create the next step is coming up with tie dye ideas for things to tie dye best the standard t-shirt. One idea that is really fun is to tie dye a set of bed sheets. While this may be a time consuming project the end result is incredibly beautiful.

Another great idea for a design is to have people decorate baby onesies at a baby shower. Not only will this be a fun spin on a traditional shower, but your guests will be able to create something personal for your baby which can be treasured in the time to come.

tulip one step tie dye mini kits


One last fun way to use tulip tie dye is to create tie dye roses. These roses are created by splitting the end of the stem of a white rose. You then fill an ice cube tray with different dye colors. You then set the separate flower pieces into the different colors, after a short while the flower drinks up the color and turn the petals into fun colors. These flowers turn out beautiful and can add a fun and funky addition to your bouquet.