Trick scooters have recently become popular among folks of all ages. For riders who are new to the world of scooters, here are some basic tips for riding and doing tricks.

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Here are basic safety precautions for trick scooters:

* Always wear a helmet, you may need that brain of your later
* Protect your knees and elbows with pads too
* Don’t try tricks that are above your skill level or you can seriously hurt yourself
* Be extra careful on landings. Landing wrong can cause serious injuries

Here is a word about custom scooters. If you’ve put together your own custom scooter or you had somebody else put one together for you, first of all, that’s rad. But secondly, you need to be extra sure that it’s safe before you try any sort of tricks. Only use totally safe parts and double check everything on trick scooters before you ride.

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Below are some quick trick tips that you can practice:

* Around the World – This is one of the easiest tricks to do. Just slow down a bit, put your foot on the brake, and spin your scooter in a 360 while you stay on the brake. Land on your deck and you’re done.
* A 180 – To start this one off, bend your knees and then jump high up while spinning 180 before you land back on your deck. Once you have this one down, you can try…
* A 360 – This is just like the 180, but obviously, you will do a full turn (360 degrees)
* Bronco – Do a wheelie and then bunny hop with the front wheel of your scooter up. Lean forward, and roll away.

With more and more younger riders hitting the rails, there are a lot of scooters for kids on the market too. Not every scooter store will have kids’ scooters but the majority will. If you’re having trouble finding the size, brand, or style scooter or deck you want, you can always try shopping online too.  There are tons of custom scooter places where you can buy full trick scooters, decks, and pretty much any parts you could ever want or need.

The most important thing to remember about riding scooters is safety.  Obviously a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads are a great start but also keep in mind that you should wear sneakers or other closed-toe shoes rather than sandals (or no shoes), and wear long sleeve shirts and jeans to reduce the risk of scrapes and bruises as well. Be safe, and enjoy your ride!