Dressing and styling would have been complicated tasks if there were no fashion statements and trendy jewelry items that everyone can mimic or base their regular or especial getup. When it comes to styling, jewelry and all other kinds of accessories have greatly liberalized from the usual and plain gold or silver rings, earrings, and bracelets to what are now more colorful and bold bracelets, bangles, pendants, anklets, earrings, and other accessories.

The Popular Jewelry and Accessory Trends

Among the most noticeable changes when it comes to jewelries and accessories is the variety of not only the style and design but also with the materials used to craft each piece. The trendy jewelry pieces of today come in different styles and designs, most, are uniquely crafted. There are several items that are made out of ordinary materials converted into valuable pieces and are sold as wholesale trendy jewelry.

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  • Bracelets and Bangles. Although the simple silver and gold bracelets are still widely used, a lot of women especially the teens still crave for the more colorful and bold bracelets and bangles. Most of the popular bracelets are usually crafted with beads, polished wood, or the common and colorful gemstones making these types of accessories more accessible and affordable for the public. The cheap trendy jewelry bracelets and bangles are perfect for regular gimmicks or outings.

  • Pendant and Chain Necklaces. Another popular jewelry items of today are the numerous styles and designs of pendants or necklaces fit for regular or the more formal functions or occasions. Plain necklaces are now adorned with complementary gemstones, lockets, and other pieces placed to accent or bring more highlights to the jewelry.

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  • Pearl Jewelry Items. Another trendy jewelry items are the natural pearls. Pearls are ideal for the formal and semi-formal look and purpose. But there are now jewelry makers who manufacture colorful pearls by making use of synthetic materials. Pearls are best in creating classy and beautiful earrings, rings, pearl necklaces, bracelets, etc.

  • The Large and Bold Jewelry Rule. As mentioned above, the current trend in jewelry and accessories are the bold, the large, and the vulgar ones. Bracelets are preferred if they are oversized, the same manner when women and fashion stylist prefer long, and extra-layered earrings, and larger and more elaborate necklaces.

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Wearing Trendy Jewelry Pieces

When you are mixing and matching your wardrobe to certain pieces of jewelries and accessories, the process is now easier and simpler. Perhaps, the only rule will be: to choose accessories, jewelries which will enhance your look or pair them out with clothes still to make you look better. Also, the price of the accessory is no longer a concern, hence, you can already buy from any of those trendy jewelry wholesale shops some cheap yet beautiful pieces. Here are some of the wearing tips concerning the popular jewelry items enumerated above.

  • The bracelets and bangles are fit for the usual getup. They enhance the so-called monochromatic clothes or those that need extra sparkle or shine.

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  • Pendants and necklaces should be exposed and showcased. V-neck shirts, tops, or the turtlenecks would ensure this purpose of flaunting these trendy jewelry pieces.

  • Pearl jewelries are perfect with dark-colored clothes. The contrast in color gives the white pearls the needed attention or highlight.

Now that you know the different styles of a trendy jewelry, make sure you wear them the proper way by following the suggestions mentioned above. In this way, you can ensure that your style will never be boring and plain looking anymore.