Going out dresses are a vital part of any wardrobe, and one going out dress is simply not enough to deal with a variety of different occasion, events and venues, as each one will have different dress code requirements. Dresses for going out should be tailored to suit the occasion, otherwise you can be left feeling underdressed, overdressed, or even inappropriately dressed, depending on the event. Going out dresses do not necessarily have to be very expensive, as there are a number of cheap going out dresses widely available in the market, as long as you are looking in the right places at the right time.

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Going Out Dress Designs

  • Colum or Sheath Dress

  • Wrap Dress

  • Maxi Dress

  • Baby Doll Dress

  • Suit Dress

  • Empire Dress

  • Trapeze Dress

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Body Types

These dress designs are all classic looks for various occasions. However, it is important to understand your body type and which dress is suitable for you in order to make each look and feel the best. Some going out dresses are best suited to particular body types, and this should be taken into consideration, as the wrong shaped dress on the wrong figure will not look flattering. A sheath dress looks perfect on an hour glass figure and pear-shaped women, as it is tightly fitting and shows of the curves well. The rousing of the bust line is particularly flattering on a pear shaped figure as it makes the whole figure look stunning. Wrap dresses can be flattering to any body type, as long as it is the correct cut. Apple and pear shaped figures look best with a high waistline, as it accentuates all of the right parts. Whereas an hour glass figure should have a more natural waist line to avoid the body being segregated at the wrong position.

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If you are looking for cute going out dresses, then the maxi dress is particularly popular at the moment. This can be good on all shapes, as long as the waistline is in the right position. Hour glass figures look better in a maxi dress that does not have too much material in it, as the figure can get a little lost due to the lack of structure. Baby doll dresses are also popular right now, and can be worn by all body types providing the right waistline and hem cut are found to suit. A suit dress always flatters an apple or pear shaped body the best, and can be worn for formal and business functions.

An empire dress is one of those going out dresses that hour glass and apple figures should generally avoid due to the shape of the drape. The trapeze dress is ideally suited for the apple or pear shapes, although if the right cut and fabric are carefully selected, it can look great on all figures.

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Popular Brands For Going Out Dresses

  • Karen Millen

  • Mango

  • G by Guess

  • Boden

  • Bebe

  • Monsoon

Most dresses usually cost a bit pricey because of the type of fabric used on them as well as the high quality attention given on the details. If you are on a tight budget, opt for a dress that’s been displayed for clearance sale. These dresses are still in good quality. In choosing dresses, ensure your comfort first before buying one.