Ah, Christmas! You just have to love everything about this holiday. Everyone is in high spirits, the food is good, the chilly weather is just perfect for snuggling, and the entire community decorates their homes and buildings. Christmas will never be complete without Christmas decorations, hence during this festive season, the Christmas tree usually takes the spotlight. Thanks to tree toppers for Christmas trees, a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be big to make an impression. The right Christmas tree toppers will draw the right kind of attention to the Christmas tree. Star toppers for Christmas tree are very common but you can break the common practice without having to break the tradition. The modern times have brought out new ideas hence new tree toppers for Christmas trees that will truly put that unique brilliance and magic into the tree.

unique christmas tree topper ideas

  • Glass Tree Toppers for Christmas Trees

Glass makes an excellent and effortlessly glamorous material for tree toppers for Christmas trees. Watch it glisten beautifully like the morning star as lights from the ceiling hit the topper. You can still go for the conventional star if you like but you can also opt for the snowflake if “you’re dreaming of a white Christmas”. If you complement snowflake tree toppers for Christmas trees with silver and white Christmas balls, anyone would love to stare at this heavenly Christmas tree.

spectacular christmas star tree topper

  • Capiz Snowman Tree Topper

Tree toppers for Christmas trees can also be whimsical without losing the essence of Christmas. You can go for a capiz snowman tree topper to add character to your Christmas tree. Decorate the rest of your tree with red and blue to add more dimension to the Christmas tree. Make sure that the snowman topper is lit with the sufficient voltage to bring out the best colors.

peacock awesome christmas tree toppers design

  • Animal Tree Toppers

Yes, animals can take the center stage too. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon canine or feline tree toppers like dogs or cats dressed as angels, don’t waste time and grab them. These tree toppers for Christmas trees are absolutely adorable and will surely have your guests look up your tree for more than 10 seconds. You can also lend a touch of Easter or farm to your Christmas tree by using oval Christmas balls that resemble eggs. Let a chicken topper rest on top of the tree.

  • Ribbon Tree Toppers

A fuss-free way of decorating a Christmas tree is by using satin or sparkly ribbons in different sizes. Use huge and multidimensional ribbons as tree toppers for Christmas trees. The rest of the tree should be decorated with smaller but equally interesting ribbons. This is a perfect touch to a dormitory of busy female students with no time to decorate.

  • Origami Topper

Origami creations are cheap and creative tree toppers for Christmas Trees. You can shape a huge swan, fan, crane, or a flower and set it on top of the tree. Use sturdy construction paper so that the topper holds its shape.

burlap tree skirt plain natural color swen-edge christmas tree topper

By now, you should have an idea of how limitless your imagination should be when it comes to tree toppers for Christmas Trees. Have a plan but follow your imagination for best results.