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You Want Epic Memories That Last a Lifetime: How to Plan a Vacation to Get Them

You Want Epic Memories That Last a Lifetime: How to Plan a Vacation to Get Them

Want to know how to plan a vacation the right way?

Sure, you can sorta-kinda plan one using guesswork and Google. But that's not the kind of vacation that will leave you with epic memories.

How do I know?

I once went on vacation to Thailand. The only problem was that I didn't plan anything. I just showed up.

Get this:

There wasn't a single available hotel room in Koh Samui, where I landed. So I slept outside on the beach, with the mosquitos and sand fleas. It took me three days to find a hotel room!

Don't be like me when I was young and dumb. Make sure you know how to plan your vacation.

Since then, I've learned a thing or two about going on vacation. Today I'm a bit of an expert on travel, having spent over seven years traveling the globe.


The simple truth is that if you know how to plan a vacation in advance, you'll create epic memories.

And the best part?

Planning a vacation is easy. Also, it's kinda fun. And the more you plan, the more all the pieces fall into place. Because a vacation is supposed to be a time to rejuvenate and relax.

So let's get to it!

things you needed for vacation planning like a wrist watch, camera, notebook and pen, sunglasses and a bag

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Why Vacations Are Good for You

Do you know why we love vacations so much?

Of course, you'll say something about not being at work. But if getting away from work is all that we need in life, we could just stay at home.

But we don't -- because we want to explore something new.

Sure, we could relax in a lawn chair in our back yard, but you know what's better? Relaxing on a beach chair under a palm tree, with a cocktail in your hand.

Do you see the difference?

Location! Location! Location!

So right off the bat, how to plan a vacation depends on where to take a vacation.

You need to leave home to have a vacation. To explore somewhere new.

spending the vacation during summer

Image by nessaja99 via Pixabay

Did you know that going on vacation has a ton of health benefits for you? Knowing how to plan a vacation has actual health benefits.


Here's the proof:

Lower blood pressure

woman who truly enjoys her vacation did a jump shot on the side of the sea

Image via Pixabay

Right off the bat, going on vacation lowers your blood pressure. That means a healthier heart, better circulation, and less stress and anxiety.

How does it do that?

Get this:

When you're excited to go on vacation, you feel a sense of freedom and excitement. If you know how to plan a vacation, you'll feel instantly happier.

That's the endorphins and dopamine doing their job in your brain.

Lose weight

And you know what else?

When we go on vacation, we actually lose weight.

You heard that right!

via GIPHY​​​

Studies in England discovered that on average, people lost up to ten pounds during a one week vacation.

Why is that?

Well, when you're stuck in your daily routine at home, complete with all the stress and unhappiness, you develop high levels of cortisol.

This not only keeps you feeling sluggish and unhappy but also tells your body to pack on fat. Your body must think you're hibernating or something.

But when you go on vacation, your cortisol levels drop, and with it, so does the fat!

Learn how to plan a vacation and you're off to a good start.

But there's more:​via GIPHY​​​​via GIPHY​​​

Rekindle romance

couple spending time together drinking on the sea side during sunset

Image Via

Are you married? Or in a long-term relationship? Let me guess, you are, but you might as well be roommates.

Did you know that a vacation can rekindle the romance and light a fire under your sex life?

That's right! Couples who vacation together often stay together longer.

And it gets better:

Studies found that couples who vacation together have more sex.

So what other reason do you need?


The Best Vacation Spots in the World

You yearn for travel.

There's an entire world out there for you to see and you're stuck here. But you don't know how to plan a vacation.

Sometimes it feels like you're wasting your life.

Of course, there are people in other parts of the world who would love to come to see where you live. That would be their dream vacation!

Again, it all comes down to getting away from the ordinary and going on an adventure.

And you know what?

That's why I hate the term "staycation."

That's not a thing. It has nothing to do with learning how to plan a vacation. You can't stay at home and call it a vacation. All you're doing is waiting to go back to work.

Instead, you need to get out and see the world. See what you can't see when you're at home.

Good news!

You don't even have to travel that far to do it!

One of the best vacations you can have is to travel somewhere in America or Canada. The continent has unimaginable beauty.

But if you want something more exotic, there's an entire world at your fingertips.

When it comes to some of the best places to vacation today, I've got some favorites.

Check it out:

Costa Rica

The most biodiverse nation in the world is also one of the most stable and tourist-friendly countries in Latin America.

Costa Rica has it all.

Two coasts with more than 800 square miles of beaches. Lush rainforest filled with exotic plants and animals. A stable, democratic government.

And super-affordable prices.

Look at these accommodations:

If you want a real adventure, try staying in a Costa Rican treehouse resort!

That's right.

You'll stay in a luxury home built up in the canopy of the rainforest, with hanging bridges connecting all the other tree houses.

You won't soon forget that vacation.

On the other hand, if all you're looking for is a place to relax, then Costa Rica is full of all-inclusive resorts.

If you want to know how to plan a vacation to Costa Rica, look no further:


  • ​Tamarindo
  • ​Monteverde
  • ​Puerto Viejo
  • ​Manual Antonio National Park

No matter what kind of vacation you want, adventure or chill, Costa Rica has something for you.

But you don't need to stray that far from home if you don't want.

Lower 48 road trip

You crave adventure. You want to get out there and see the world.

But you don't have too much money.

I get it.

So why not explore your own backyard first?

An epic road trip across the United States of America is something Hollywood movies are made of, but which very few people do.

Here's the bottom line:

You can take your own car, and with a tent and a sleeping bag, you can camp along the way. All you need to pay for is food and gas.

And there is SO much to see in the U.S.!

Seriously, there is every type of environment here.

From tropical to arctic. There are forests and deserts. Coasts and mountains. Huge cities and old west ghost towns.

So, learn how to plan a vacation across the U.S. and go see some of these amazing sites:

​Some places you can see for cheap in the comfort of your own car:

  • ​The Grand Canyon
  • ​Yellowstone National Park
  • ​New York City
  • ​Yosemite National park
  • ​San Francisco
  • ​Lake Tahoe
  • ​New Orleans
  • ​The Texas Panhandle
  • ​The Florida Keys
  • ​The Great Lakes
  • ​So much more!


Picture this:

Crystal clear blue water. White-washed bungalows along cobble-stone streets. Gorgeous red and pink flowers everywhere. Friendly, beautiful people with amazing food.

Plus, it's always sunny and warm but never humid.

That's right.

You just pictured Greece.

Greece has to be one of the top places to take a vacation. There is so much to do and see in this ancient country that you'll never have a boring day.

Here's how to plan a vacation to Greece:

​Things to do in Greece:

  • ​Swim in the Agean
  • ​Explore Greek islands from a sailboat
  • ​Visit ancient Greek ruins
  • ​Gorge on delicious Greek food
  • ​Relax in cafes and on patios
  • ​Drive along the hundreds of coastlines

In fact, there's so much to do and see in Greece that making an itinerary can get quite complicated. From wine tasting to beach lounging to exploring history and culture, how do you choose?

Here's another thing:

Greece is very diverse. Each region has its own flavor and its own distinct culture and style.

Add to that all the islands and mountains and archipelagos, and you've got a lifetime of adventure to explore.


Do you want to know where all the roads end?

It's Alaska.

The most isolated state is one of the forgotten treasures of North America.

And it's totally worth visiting.

You've got mountains, and glaciers, and forests, and some of the most rugged coastline you've ever imagined.

But get this.

Did you know that Juneau has one of the best culinary scenes in the country?

It's true!

For some reason, the world's top chefs are flocking to Alaska and setting up restaurants. There are Michelin-star-rated restaurants in Juneau and Anchorage.

To be sure, Alaska isn't for everyone. You need to have a bit of a sense of adventure.

Also, you must really not want to swim on a beach, because even in the summer it's relatively chilly in Alaska.

And I'll be honest with you: it can be a little dangerous. I mean, have you seen the size of those Kodiac bears?

Learn how to plan a vacation to Alaska:

​Things to do in Alaska:

  • ​Visit the Kenai Peninsula
  • ​Visit Denali mountain
  • ​Watch wildlife
  • ​Go fishing
  • ​See the Northern Lights
  • ​Immerse yourself in Native history and culture
  • ​Visit Fairbanks
  • ​Eat in Juneau

Bali, Indonesia

Do you want to get far, far away?

Then head to Indonesia, because everything is so different here.

Yet there's a highly-developed tourism economy, which means you get all the conveniences that you want. Good food, safety, nightclubs, modern hotels, great health care, and decent infrastructure.

Now, the same can't be said for the rest of Indonesia, but in Bali, you're going to be comfortable.

Bali is just one of Indonesia's islands, but it's become a tourism mecca. That means you get awesome white-sand beaches and true South Pacific weather. As well as some fantastic hotels and restaurants.

Learn to scuba dive in the clear blue ocean, or hike up an active volcano, or party your nights away in one of Bali's booming night clubs.

Things here aren't too expensive, either.

But remember:

Prices are going up as more and more people come here. So don't wait too long.

Here's how to plan a vacation to Bali.

​Things to do in Bali:

  • ​Visit ancient Buddhist temples
  • ​Check out the rice terraces
  • ​See Mount Bakur
  • ​Learn to scuba dive
  • ​Learn to surf
  • ​Dance in a night club
  • ​Party at a beach rave
  • ​Lounge on a tropical beach
  • ​Swim in a beautiful pool

How to Make Memories on Vacation

It's a question that drives you nuts.

How to plan a vacation that turns into an epic lifelong memory?

Sure, you can sit at the in-pool bar all day, annoying people with your chatter and avoiding the warm patches of water.

But that's not really epic.

And it certainly doesn't create many memories.


To really create memories while on vacation, you need to do a bit of preparation beforehand. I'm talking about before you even leave home.

There are four easy things you can do right now to make sure you have memories that will last a lifetime. This is how to plan a vacation.

(DESIGNER_START) please make this part stand out

calculating your budget icon


keep it simple icon


checklist icon

​Plan your itinerary

video Recording icon

​Record your vacation

If you do these four things before you go on vacation, then you're going to have a much better time than if you just wing it.

There are many reasons why it's better to prepare in advance.

What if you run out of money?

In that case, even the pool bar won't be an option.

Here's another thing.

If you load too many expectations into your vacation or create an unwieldy plan bursting with activities, you're going to become overwhelmed trying to do it all.

Plus, you're going to come off as a controlling nazi to everyone you're traveling with. That's why it's always good to keep things simple. It's a vacation, after all.

Also, you really want to sketch out a basic itinerary.

That way, you'll know what days and times to do something out of the ordinary, whether it's ziplining down a mountain in Central America or exploring a castle in Scotland.

Finally, you'll want to keep those memories forever. That means taking photos and videos.

Here are some cool ideas:

Ideas for preserving your vacation memories

ways on how to preserve your vacation memories

How to Plan a Vacation

woman sitting on a wooden box in the middle of the road is reading  map to find the location she needs to go

Image Via

Want to know a secret?

Here it is:

Planning a vacation is fun!

You see, as you plan your vacation, you visualize it. You become excited to start the process. Everyone gets motivated to find the deals or contact your travel agent.

As you think about the things you want to do and start to look at the money you have available to do them, you realize that an epic vacation is indeed possible!

One more thing:

Plan well in advance.

While any time is the right time to plan your vacation, the earlier you do it, the better.

It's like this:

If you plan six months to a year in advance, you'll have lots of time to save for it. You'll find cheaper deals on flights and hotels. You'll be able to research your destination in detail and create the perfect itinerary.

I'll let you in on the secret my wife and I share.

You see, we plan our entire year in advance. Of course, it's not set in stone, and we know that circumstances will pop up which we weren't expecting.

But for the most part, our budget for the year is set out, our savings goals, our vacations, and any serious commitments like weddings.

We even prepare for everyone's birthday at the start of the year, so we're never caught scrambling for a gift!

If you do this with your vacation, you're going to have a MUCH better time.

Like they say in the Scouts: "Be prepared."

man showing a photo frame of food with a real bacon stuck on it at the back


Decide where to go

You should probably know this key piece of information.

The first thing to do when planning a vacation is deciding where to go.

This allows you to set realistic goals and figure out what kind of budget you'll need to work with. It sure beats closing your eyes and pointing your finger on a map.

But how do you decide where to go?

It's actually fairly easy, but it does take some introspection.

Here's what you do:

First, close your eyes. Then, visualize yourself on vacation.

What brings you a sense of peace, and happiness, and a bit of excitement? When you daydream of being on vacation, where are you? What are you doing? What's around you? Who are you with?

Whatever you see is where you should go.

For instance, after this past winter, which was extremely tough, I keep picturing myself laying in a hammock near the beach in Costa Rica.

Gee, I wonder where I should go next?

Determine your budget

calculator, laptop and money bills needed to determine your vacation budget

Image Via

Like everything else in life, a budget will make or break you. So figure out how much money you'll have to spend on your vacation.

If you're going on a surprise vacation tomorrow, then what you have in the bank right now is pretty much your budget.

If you're leaving in eight months, then determine how much money you'll save towards vacation between now and then.

To know how to plan a vacation, start with your money:

Get a pen and paper to start.

Now, write down all the things you would like to do and guess a price tag for each one. Sleep in a hotel or rent an Airbnb? Write it all down.

Do you want to eat at Subway the entire time, or is surf and turf in your future?

Once you've got it all down, compare your rough guess of prices to the amount of money you'll have on hand. Cross out anything that you can drop without taking away from your vacation.

Now you have an idea of your budget.

Time of year

check the months of the year in the calendar to determine when to spend your vacation

Image by Kaz via Pixabay

​Here's how to plan a vacation:

Plan for the right time of year.

For instance, if you want to road trip through Quebec, you'll probably (definitely) want to avoid doing it in February.

A quick Google search will tell you the best time of year to go where you want to go.

via GIPHY​​​

But there's more.

You'll also need to figure out how much time you have to spend.

Like money, time is valuable. If you only have seven days off work, then make sure you use that time wisely.

All the more reason to plan in advance!​via GIPHY​​​

Get a travel agent

two persons writing down their plans and goals for traveling

Photo by from Pexels

​Have you ever wondered why travel agents are still a thing in the age of the internet?

It's because they offer something the net can't.


You see, a travel agent knows all the right people, and they know how to build a great vacation within your budget.

Remember, the travel agent works for you.

Best of all, they don't cost anything. Instead, the airlines and hotels they book with pay their commission.

You can let your agent know what you want out of your vacation and how much money you have to do it, and they'll fill in the gaps. When it comes to knowing how to plan a vacation, nobody beats a travel agent.

Also, they'll organize your flights and hotels and excursions, and find you the best prices.


Make an itinerary

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking "I thought you said not to be a vacation-nazi?"


And you're right because that's what I did say.

Except having an itinerary has nothing to do with micro-managing every aspect of your vacation. Instead, it will allow you to easily flow from one day to the next.

A good itinerary accounts for details like departure times, contacts, your budget, and other items which will impact the quality of your vacation.

But it will skip over details such as what time you will eat breakfast, and how long each person will spend in the shower.

Want to know a little itinerary secret?

Here it is:

person planning his own vacation are putting down notes on his notebook

Photo by from Pexels

When you keep everything in a notebook, you'll stay super organized.

Your vacation should have its own notebook, which you can create an itinerary for each day, as well as all the information you need for that day.

Best of all, you can write a little log into it at the end of the day, which creates a mini-journal you can keep forever!

Do you want to know how to plan a vacation using a travel notebook?

Let's check it out:

Addresses and phone numbers

list of addresses and phone numbers checklist included in your vacation planner

Image via

You'll want to have addresses and phone numbers on hand.

Here's the thing:

Once you start your vacation, the last thing you'll want to do is get lost.

So before you leave, consult with your travel agent and write down all the contact information for things like:

  • ​Your hotel
  • ​Your hotel
  • ​Local taxi companies
  • ​Health insurance claims
  • ​Your travel agent
  • ​The cell phone number for each person you're traveling with
  • ​Any reservations you make (restaurants, excursions, etc)


a passport and travel notepad to list the details and information of your travel itineraries

Image by DariuszSankowski via Pixabay, altered

Here's another important about how to plan a vacation.

Write down all your flight information.

You'll want to record the details for every flight you plan on taking. That includes the information for everyone you're traveling with.

Sure, you have all that on your ticket, and in the emails you received when you booked.

But you know what's easier than all that?

Having it all written down on one page in your travel book.

Just open it up and it's all there. You'll never miss a flight again!

Don't forget to include:

  • ​Air Carrier
  • ​Airport name and code
  • ​Terminal and boarding gate
  • ​Seat number
  • ​Airline contact number


So, what happens when you land?

Somehow you'll need to get from the airport to the hotel or resort where you'll be staying.

Of course, if you're driving your own vehicle then you can skip this part. Otherwise, make sure your travel agent pre-books transportation from the airport.

Write down the information.

And you know what else?

Pre-plan all the other transportation you'll need on your vacation.

Taking an excursion to Aztec ruins? Driving a moped along the coast?


Book it in advance and write down the contacts, details, any confirmation numbers, etc. Keep copies of the receipts in your notebook.

Excursions and tours

a notepad and pencil to list the places and persons to visit for your vacation

Image by DariuszSankowski via Pixabay, altered


Pre-plan your excursions for a stress-free vacation.

Seriously. If you're going to take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti, book it in advance. And by now I think you know what to do.

Write it down!

You want to include the day, time, the people going, any booking confirmation numbers, and of course, contact information for the company or person involved.

But there's more.

Don't forget to include things you might overlook, such as what to bring with you depending on what you'll be doing.

  • ​Swimsuit
  • ​Towels
  • ​Sunscreen
  • ​Snacks
  • ​Passport
  • ​Drivers License
  • ​Etc

Health info

person got hurt with bandages put around his lower knee while traveling

Image by via Pexels

Do you know what's a real bummer?

Getting hurt.

But when you get hurt on vacation it's even worse.

So why not take a little bit of the pain away by being prepared?

You see, when you keep your health insurance information recorded in your travel book, it's always on hand in an emergency.

Make sure you have everyone's info recorded. Don't worry about someone getting hold of this information.

That's because travel insurance is temporary, and can't be used without ID anyways. There's not much a potential thief can glean from your travel insurance.

So write it all down!

Where Will You Go Next?

That's how to plan a vacation.

Are you ready?

Because you're going on vacay!

via GIPHY​​​

Plan your vacation in advance and you'll make some awesome memories that will last a lifetime.

It's a pretty simple formula when you put it all together:

Get a travel notebook, and start writing.

Where will you go? When will you go? How much money will you have to do it?

Those three questions will start you on your next vacation. You can fill in the itinerary and other details as you progress.

So where will you go next? Let us know in the comments!

Useful Tips On Beach Apparel For Kids

Vibrant colors and quality fabrics are all everyone is concerned about when choosing designer beach apparel for kids. From the late 198o’s, folks are increasingly interested in bright neon colors. Many designers prefer to use shades that appear fantastic on children, sometimes mixing with slightly rough tones, others still opt for fashioning with whole induced blocks. Amazingly, these high vibrant colors have been integrated with some prints that were quite common in the 50’s. A good print and color mix on beach apparel for kids makes them look fresh in addition to updating adorable modern designs like appliqué and gingham accents.

summer beachwear for kids

Boys And Girls

Today boy’s beachwear has been recharged with beamed colors as opposed to the traditional white, black and blue shades. Sunflower yellow, pumpkin orange and Kelly green are quite illuminating with mild prints; offering boys more opportunities to experiment on looks. Large plaids and floral prints are not just popular but very befitting for girls’ beachwear. When the two elements are merged in the same beach apparel it allows girls to dominate their artistic appeal by the use of other color scheme showcasing particulars. The perfect beachwear for girls is highlighted in cuts, bold prints and graphics. Retro-themed designed beachwear feature styles like side keyhole openings, and boxier straps that were inspired in the 60’s. Designers use cutesy ribbons, riffles and bows in beach apparel for kids to give their swimsuits an appearance of luxury and extravagance.


There are various accessories that are used together with kid’s beach apparel. These include wraps, t-shirts, skirts and ornamental beach hats for sporting the adored personalized look. The most popular beachwear suits for boys include plaid fedora, short or long sleeved shirts and knee length shorts. While choosing beach apparel for kids, ensure they are made of sun protective material with a mark of SPF ratings on them.

Rash Guard Swimsuits

The comfort and the suitability of your child’s beachwear will determine whether they will have fun or not. So make sure their apparel is stitched and designed using quality supplies. There are rash guard swimsuits which are specially designed to protect your child’s delicate skin from carcinogenic Ultra Violet rays and skin rashes. They are the best substitutes to beach umbrellas. The skins of some children are very sensitive and will react with swimming pool chemicals. Rash guard swimsuits come in handy to protect their young skins.

all cotton baby summer clothing

Your Tiny Traveler

Your baby’s skin is very delicate and it can burn in less than 10 minutes. Because you may not want to leave them at home during the trip, make sure you carry with you a baby beach tent. The easy to assemble, lightweight baby beach tents are ideal for providing shade for your baby.

Making A Purchase

You can buy beach apparel for kids from the regular store or from one of the numerous online retail stores. Always have your specifications right. It would be a good idea to consult a dermatologist for advice on the most suitable beach apparel for your children.

Natural Sun Protection for Kids: What Steps Should A Parent Take?

Natural sun protection for kids becomes a very important concern for the kids when summer is about to approach. The anxious parents are always keen to avail the best sun protection for the kids. They often look for things that offer latest technology to protect the kids from harmful UV rays. The ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight can cause severe malignancies in the skin. But sunlight is also important for production of vitamin D and other essential nutritive elements for skin. So you just can’t stop exposure to sunlight, you have to act more wisely.

banana boat natural reflect kids sunscreen lotion

Proper Diet Chart

Maintenance of a proper diet chart is very important natural sun protection for kids. Major problem associated with prolonged sun exposure leads to sunburn. This is a superficial type of skin inflammation. Though it is clearly an external lesion, many internal factors are equally contributing in sunburns. You must be careful about the inflammatory foods such as grain, sugar, vegetable oil etc. These can aggravate inflammation in the skin layers and cause excessive sunburn.

On the other hand, there are also numerous anti-inflammatory foods that can help you prevent the skin from occurrence or aggravation of sunburns. Hence, natural sun protection for kids primarily involves proper diet options during summer. The anti-inflammatory group of foods includes saturated low cholesterol fats, green, fresh vegetables, food oils that contain omega-3 and other antioxidants. Fruits also contain active principles of anti-inflammatory nutritional elements.


Supplements accompanying proper diet is another natural sun protection for kids. Supplements help in maintaining the immune system. These supplements are dedicated against the vicious effect of sunlight. Normally, you won’t find these elements in the foods taken. However, let’s focus on what you can add into your kids’ diet. Cod liver oil in its fermented form and butter oil rich in vitamin contents are expert-recommended anti-sunburn supplements. These supplements also help re-mineralizing the teeth and bones. If you accompany these supplements with coconut oil every day, you will definitely prevent skin burns significantly.

Homemade Sun Blocks

High-SPF sun blocks for kids are widely available in the market. But these cease the production of vitamin D drastically. So, these are not something experts recommend for your kids. Find out something that will not get your child exposed to any health risks. Homemade sun blocks are safer. Homemade blockers usually contain coconut oil and are free from chemicals of commercial sun blocks.

clothing sun protection for your kids

Clothing and Shelter

If you have noticed your kids to present poor sun-tolerance, you should take care of their clothing options. Full sleeves will definitely help your kids preventing the UV rays to damage the superficial skin layer. When you are spending time on beach with your baby, you can take a baby beach tent with you. This baby beach tent will definitely serve as a shelter from the damaging rays of the sun, saving you baby from possible sunburns and other skin problems.

You should start with these basic preparations first. If these steps fail, you should consult an expert and take precautions that are more advanced. It is always healthy and cost effective to go with a natural sun protection for kids!

Enjoy Life with Canopy Tent

To have the best outdoor experience, be sure to have canopy tents. Whether you like to spend some time in the beach, have an outdoor party or have a place for your car, a canopy tent is the best choice for you. This tent comes in different designs, sizes, and styles. Each tent has its own purpose so you have to choose the tent that best fit your activity or the person who will be using it.

multi purpose canopy pinnacle tent

Protecting Your Young Ones

A baby beach tent is one of many canopy tents available in the market. From the name itself, the canopy tent is solely for baby and toddler use. Since it is made for babies and toddlers, colorful and creative designs are available. Some are in bright colors while others are decorated with their favorite cartoon characters. This baby beach tent is design to protect your toddler from the harmful rays of the sun at the same time allowing them enough space to move around. It is portable and can be easily assembled in a few minutes. This is one canopy tent that your baby will surely enjoy.

Canopy Tents for Adults

If there are canopy tent for babies, there are also outdoor canopy tents for adults. These are durable canopy tents that can be used in many ways. Outdoor canopy tents provide higher shades which makes them the practical choice for a garden party or to protect your car. Poles are assembled to complete the outdoor canopy tent. This type of canopy tent is heavy duty. They can withstand heavy rain fall as well as too much heat from the sun. They are usually used in special occasions to provide shade for the people and for the catered food.

Getting the Best Deal for Canopy Tents

Now that you have an idea about canopy tents, you can start looking for canopy tents for sale. You can browse online that offers cheap canopy tents or visit the nearest outdoor equipments stores near your place. There are a lot of canopy tents for sale especially during summer where most individuals would find time to have a relaxing day at the beach or their own backyard. You can even get cheap canopy tents deal. All you need to do is do your research. You have to know what the best canopy tent is for you and your family.

elegant easy to use canopy tent

If you are looking for canopy tents for sale to be used for your car, you can search the internet for the best deals. Be sure to read each description and its size. The size of your canopy tent should exceed the size of your car to provide full protection. Be careful of cheap canopy tents deals; some of them may have lower quality. Take note of these deals and conduct more research and compare it to other store deals. Read the material used for the canopy tent as well as the instructions to assemble it. Look for a canopy tent that you can easily assemble. This will save you more time and will give you more time to spend with your family and enjoy your break.

Canopy tent is very useful. It provides shade from the heat of the sun, cold winds and also heavy rain. Just be wise in buying one. Check every canopy tents for sale and be sure to get cheap canopy tents with good quality.

Different Beach Shade Selection

Having a beach shade is important when you are planning for a beach outing. The beach is the best place to relax and unwind. Sitting under the sun, facing the ocean, breathing fresh air and enjoying the clean water are just some things you can do at the beach. But too much sun can be harmful for your skin as well as your health. For this reason, a beach shade is a must when going to the beach.

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Popular Types Of Beach Shades

Beach shade protects you from the heat of the sun. It provides a relaxing area to just sit around and enjoy the view. There are different types of beach shades that you can choose from. Each of these types will perfectly match the need of each member of your family.

  • Baby Beach Tent
    If you are planning to bring babies and infants at the beach, be sure to have a baby beach tent. Baby’s skin is more delicate than adults. They can easily be burnt when exposed in sunlight for more than 15 minutes. With these baby beach tents, you can protect the baby from sun burns and other skin irritations. It is very portable and light-weight making it the best choice for travelling.
  • Beach Sun Shade
    If you are planning to go to the beach with your friends and other family members, you can share a beach sun shade. It provides shade as well as a place for storage where your things will not be soaked with the water. This beach sun shade comes in different sizes. Some can accommodate only two persons while others can accommodate more. It also comes in different styles and designs that will perfectly match your personality.
  • Beach Shade Canopy
    Another type of beach shade is a beach shade canopy. Unlike the baby beach tent and the beach sun shade, beach shade canopy uses poles to be installed. Each beach shade canopy has its instruction guide on how to assembly it. You may have to ask assistance from one of your friends to assemble it faster. But once it is assembled, it can provide higher shade and can accommodate more people. Most beach shade canopies do not have side covers while some have a screen cover that can be placed when needed. Same as other beach shade, a beach shade canopy is also light-weight and portable.
  • Pop Up Beach Shade
    Lastly, a pop up beach shade can also be used when going to the beach. Unlike the other beach shade, it is already assembled. All you have to do is unfold the pop up beach shade and you now have the protection you needed. It comes in different sizes, from single to family size. You will not worry about what poles to connect. Everything is already connected for you. This can be opened in seconds and your whole family can have more time enjoying the beach.

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These are the different beach shades available in the market. When purchasing one, keep in mind of its purpose and think you need a bigger one for your family or a single one for you. You can also have all these beach shades and use them in different occasions. With a beach shade, you will never worry about sun burn and other skin infections. You and your family will be protected from the heat of the sun. At most of all, with beach shade, you will have the most memorable and fun time at the beach.

Baby Beach Tent Information And Buying Guide

Isn’t it a joy to tag your baby along whenever you head for the beach? But as a parent, you may be worried about how the sun and other outdoor elements can harm your baby. The sun’s harmful rays can possibly cause sun stroke or sun burn. Even a 15-minute exposure to the sun can be a risk to sensitive babies. Beach sand can also find a way to your baby’s skin that may cause itchiness and redness. But don’t fret there is a way to let your babies enjoy the beach while keeping them safe. A baby beach tent is the answer to your woes.

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Advantages Of A Baby Beach Tent

A baby beach tent can provide shelter and a shade for babies and shield them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This will lessen the risk of possible skin conditions associated with too much exposure to the sun. If you are looking for a place at the beach where your baby can stay safely, a baby beach tent is the best place they can be. Below are some of the useful features of this specialty tent that makes it a great buy for parents who want to bring their kids to the beach.

  • Provides UV protection
  • Comes with side pockets for extra storage
  • Easy to carry along
  • Waterproof surface
  • Easy assembly
  • Ventilated to allow air to circulate

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Buying Guide

If you want to buy your own baby beach tent, you can find some of the best prices on the web. But don’t you just click and buy. There are a number of factors that can help you find the most appropriate brand that will fit your needs.

  • Size
    When you buy online, check the product description for dimensions of the tent you are about to buy. Use a tape measure to have an idea of how big the tent is. If you buy from your local store, you can request to take the item out of its packaging so you can see the how big or small it is. This will give you an idea if it’s appropriate for the size of your baby.
  • Ventilation
    It is important that baby tent for beach have proper ventilation. At the least, they should have two windows. Some tents may even have up to four windows. These are important so that air can circulate as it is not a good thing for babies to get too hot or perspire too much.

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  • UV Protection
    Aside from the shade that baby beach tent provides, it also offers UV protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’s coated with a special product designed to block UVB and UV rays.
  • Assembly
    Choose a tent that can easily be assembled. Pop up baby beach tent is one of the easiest types to set up because it you simply unfold the tent and will pop up like an umbrella and you are good to go. If you want something less inexpensive baby beach tent canopy in traditional style are also available.

easy assembly baby beach tent

For more choices on styles, sizes and prices, you can check various online websites to find out the most appropriate baby beach tent for your next beach getaway.