It is important to follow travel safety tips if you want your road trip to be smooth and hassle-free. The road is filled with obstructions that can also be life threatening. It is thus important to stay safe regardless of whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

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Important Travel Safety Tips

  • Items such as charged cell phones, jumper cables, maps, blankets, auto club card, first aid kit, flashlights and even spare cash must be in your vehicle no matter what. These seemingly simple items can come really handy in times of need such as a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.
  • Your road trip must be planned beforehand. You should know which route you want to take so that you know where you are going. If you are going on a long journey, make sure you look through places where you could stop for gas or for a break.
  • Don’t ever park your car in the dark areas. Look for a well-lit area. This is by far one of the most important amongst the travel safety tips. The area you choose should be visible and not obstructed by walls. Don’t choose a vacant garage. Valet parking is safer. This tip is especially of importance if you are travelling alone.
  • If you are alone at the mall, you could ask the security person to escort you. You are not doing anything wrong. It is a part of the security man’s job.
  • Don’t leave without notifying anyone. Let your close friends and family know that you are going out. Tell them where you are going and for how long you’ll be gone.

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  • If you are travelling with an infant, make sure you have a child-restraint seat. If the child is about 40 pounds heavy, get a good quality booster seat such as the Graco Turbobooster so as to ensure his safety no matter what.
  • For kids that are a little older, make sure they are fastened properly. The harness should be firm and only a finger or two should be able to pass through. If not, it is loose and you need to tighten it. Your child should be stable and not be able to move more than an inch in any direction.
  • Pregnant women should not travel at all. But if it is absolutely necessary, extra precaution must be taken. Carry extra drinking water and plan plenty of breaks through the journey. Don’t ever go alone if you are pregnant especially in the final trimester. Be sure you are comfortable but make sure you fasten the seatbelt as well. There are bump belts that are specifically designed for this purpose. You could get one of those.

Follow these safety travel tips to prevent accidents and have a safe and enjoyable ride.