Not only does a clogged toilet cause a very bad odor in the home, but, it is also a good source of germs that can cause serious illnesses in the family. Naturally, you will not be able to use the toilet as it is. So you need to find some solutions for clogged toilet mainly because the same makes life in your house impossible. Clogged toilet remedies are numerous but getting one that actually works can be a big problem.

How Toto Toilet Solves Clogging Problems

great toto drake toilet

One way you can avoid clogs is by getting a good quality toilet that has been well constructed. The Toto Drake toilet is just the choice for you especially if you are looking for the perfect clogged toilet remedy. It is highly regarded because of so many reasons.

  • Flushing

    The Toto Drake’s toilet flushes completely and it is also remarkably fast. This means there is no possibility of a residue and it will work perfectly in a family home. It also refills water so fast and then it does not make a lot of noise when water is refilling in the tank.

  • Elongated Bowl

    The elongated shape ensures that water and waste do not rise upwards in the toilet rather it flushes immediately. It is also bigger than the normal bowl and so there is more surface for the water to hit from above. With these, you will never have incomplete flush problems and it is as effective as ever. You will also find in it the perfect clogged toilet remedy.

  • Strong Valve

    The valve for the flusher is super strong and has an extra length in order to ensure it is more effective. The flushing is always complete and so fast you don’t even realize that it’s done. Since incomplete flushing is one of the reasons why one has clogged toilets, this is a perfect clogged toilet remedy and it will make your home cleaner.

  • No Wax Ring

    One of the cases of poor flushing in toilets is the old and collapsing wax ring. This is not what you will experience with Toto Drake’s toilet because it does not have this wax ring. This is a perfect way to ensure your toilet always works even when water pressure is low. This is a perfect clogged toilet remedy.

  • The Ion Barrier Glazing

    This makes the bowl super smooth. It also ensures that your toilet is thoroughly cleaned when you flush it even before you use any detergents. This also means that nothing can stick on the bowl and so clogging is highly unlikely.

best solutions for clogged toilet

Not only is their toilet a good clogged toilet remedy, it is also very stylish and clean and will keep your bathroom at par. This is the best model to go for because it is efficient, very quiet yet extremely powerful. The models are both round and elongated and one has a choice but they are both very thoughtfully put together. This is the best toilet and dozens of reviews also agree. This toilet is in a class of its own and it gives an example to be compared to for other toilets.