Boots are an essential part of any shoe collection. This is especially true in cold or damp climates. When it comes to pricing, quality and variety, Totes boots offer a full line of boots to fit nearly any price point or design preferences. With nearly 100 years as one of the leading umbrella, boot and glove companies in the world, you can always trust Totes boots to not only look great but also offer superior comfort and durability.

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Popular Types Of Totes Boots

  • Totes Snow Boots: These boots are available in a variety of lengths from ankle to mid-calf. Most models offer faux fur liners, Thermolite liners, waterproof rubber lowers and sturdy eyelets to keep them snug. Aggressive tread helps to keep you on your feet and move safely in icy or slippery environments. Sizes are available for men, women and children to help in finding boots for the entire family easy.
  • Totes Winter Boots: These boots are designed for cold climates where precipitation might not be as prevalent. Commonly they are ankle height, though some models may be higher. These feature weather resistant outer materials and insulating liners to provide warmth on the coldest winter days.
  • Totes Active Boots: These boots are designed for intense outdoor activities in cold weather. Their models include a rugged synthetic exterior, waterproof rubber lowers and a sporty ankle height design. Ideal for hiking, yard work and other outdoor activities, these Totes boots are ready to tackle the toughest winter tasks and activities with ease.

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How to Select Totes Boots

When it comes to choosing the perfect Totes boots for you or your family, there are a variety of considerations to keep in mind. These tips will help you get started:

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  • Height: While providing increased protection from moisture and cold air, these boots will often limit mobility slightly. Their rigid design and heavy materials withstand cold temperatures well and provide outstanding warmth. If you expect to be traveling long distances on foot, a lower height will provide easier movement at the cost of thermal resistance.
  • Materials: Totes boots provide a wide range of thermal and moisture resistant benefits. Basic models include water resistant synthetic covers and lightweight materials. Heavier models, such as Totes Winter Boots, feature waterproof rubber soles and lower sections and various inner liners. Choosing the boot with the ideal materials for your climate will dramatically increase comfort and functionality.
  • Appearance: Totes boots are available in a variety of styles. Sleek synthetics offer a work-friendly appearance, natural materials offer a bold and rugged look for outdoor adventures and bright colors and designs will make any kid look forward to putting on their boots and trudging out into the winter weather.

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Due to their high-quality design, caring for most Totes boots is simple. All you need to do is wipe the excess moisture and dirt off your boots with a damp cloth and store them in a cool, dry place. There is no need for additional treatments or special driers or racks. For longer boots, such as Totes boots for women, consider rolling a towel and placing inside the boot to eliminate any moisture in the lining.