Calendula cream is the best choice for fungal infections. Among all the topical antifungal medications, calendula topical cream is the most effective and powerful solution. Due to its antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties, it has become one of the most fast-acting topical applications.

Brief Calendula Trivia

Calendula Officinalis or Calendula is an annual garden plant with yellow or orange-gold bloom that has a pleasant scent. Calendula is also known as garden marigold or pot marigold. It is found usually in Asia, as well as in the southern and central Europe. Calendula contains calendulin, beta-carotene, carotenoids, isoquercitrin, narcissi, ritin, amyrin, lupeol, sterols, volatile oils, and immune enhancing complex polysaccharides.

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Uses of a Calendula Topical Cream

Calendula can be used internally or externally.

Internal Uses

Internally, it is commonly used for gastrointestinal disorders, stomach ulcers or inflammation. It is used for various purposes and one main reason for this is because of its spasmolytic effect. It can relieve colitis as well as ulcers of the mouth and throat. It can cure menstrual disorders, too. The flowers of the Calendula are also used to treat liver disease.

External Uses

Externally, Calendula is also mostly used as topical antifungal medications. As one of the topical antifungal medications, Calendula is one of the most powerful remedy, which works fast with fewer side effects. Due to its several properties, Calendula can be effectively used as an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory solution.

  • It is very powerful in treating skin disorders like eczema, ringworm, yeast infections, herpes and athlete’s foot.

  • Additionally, it can be used to treat conjunctivitis and varicose veins. Minor burns can as well be cured using Calendula.

  • It hydrates the skin and reduces skin irritation.

  • Due to its anti-aging property, it can rejuvenate the skin by reducing the wrinkles and dark spots.

  • It is also an excellent remedy for acne.

  • Calendula topical cream prevents contact dermatitis.

  • Pain caused due to insect bites and stings can be reduced by applying it on the affected area.

Specifically, here are some fungal infections that can be cured by topical application of Calendula:

  • It is great remedy for fungal skin rashes. After application, the skin will be soft, hydrated and irritant free.

  • It can be used for acne spot treatment. It kills the bacteria and fungus from the root.

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  • It is very helpful in treating eczema. Corticosteroids are the first line of treatment for eczema, but they have side effects too. Therefore, Calendula topical cream became the most acceptable treatment for eczema. It treats the condition from the root.

  • It has been proven that Calendula as topical antifungal medications can have an effect on fungal skin diseases like ring worm, psoriasis, and vitiligo.

  • Due to its antifungal property, it can be best used in many types of fungal skin diseases. For one, tinea cruris or jock itch is a fungal infection that occurs in the skin fold, like groin and other genital areas. The fungus responsible for this infection is trychophyton rubrum. It presents like red rashes, the peeling of skin, and the burning sensation. Calendula works perfectly in this condition.

Other than fungal infections, a calendula topical cream is also well suited for yeast infections. It helps in reducing the odor and pain, which are the symptoms of yeast infections. For the above treatments, calendula has been widely accepted as one of the best topical antifungal medications, which has been proven to be a safe treatment you can ever use for their skin disorders. But, to be sure, it would be wise for you to consult a physician before using it the first time.