Shoes were created a long time ago by primitive man. Back in the primitive days, people would put pieces of animal hide and fur around their feet, and then tie them with leather strings. However, shoes have come a long way since then. Both men and women need many different kinds of shoes. Here is a list of the top ten essential shoes for men and women.

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  • Hiking Boots: Hiking boots are necessary to protect the feet of both men and women when they go walking in the woods or hiking up some big rocks. The shoes are tough, yet have comfortablesoles for different kinds of terrain.
  • Loafers: For casual yet stylish shoes that can be worn to work, both men and women prefer Cole Haan loafers. These loafers are made of leather, which makes them both comfortable and long lasting.
  • Tennis Shoes: Tennis shoes made the list of the top ten essential shoes for men and women because most of the time, people prefer to wear them because they arecomfortable and can be worn anywhere. Tennis shoes are essential because you can walk around anywhere without tired and achy feet.
  • Slippers: After the long day of walking, taking off tennis shoes and slipping into a nice pair of warm slippers will both protect and soothe your feet for the rest of the evening.
  • Dress Shoes: Whenever a special occasion comes up, it is time to break out the fancy shoes.
  • Sandals: Warm weather equals the chance to air out the feet. A nice pair of sandals will let your feet get some sun, but support them at the same time.
  • Flip Flops: Sometimes you need a pair of flip flops to slip on to make a quick trip to the store or go to outside to get the mail.
  • Crocs: Working in the yard can mean walking around in the mud or thorns. You need a pair of shoes that can take outdoor activity.
  • Cowboy Boots: Everyone has to go to a country and western barbeque now and then, and you need the right shoes for the occasions. With a pair of cowboy boots, you will fit right in with the other people who put on their best western outfit for the occasion.
  • Winter Boots: With ice and snow coming every winter, you want to be able to walk around in the snow with warm feet, and also withgood traction so you will not fall down.

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The top ten essential shoes for men and women can vary greatly but the fact is that shoes have changed a lot since the primitive days. Now, everyone needs different kinds of shoes depending on what the occasion it may be.