Top soil is the top two to five inches of dirt in a yard and it is usually also full of the most nutrients that plants need to grow. Top soil usually has all of the organic matter and other substances the plants need as well. Top soil also helps the ground stay in place and not erode away, so it vital to the environment.

Without vital top soil, we wouldn’t have the best environment for growing our food or even to have grass or trees or other plants in our yards or elsewhere. Top soil is a necessary part of a viable ground cover for plants to thrive.

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What is Potting Soil?

Potting soil, on the other hand, is actually a mix of dirt, peat moss, bark, and drainage substances like perlite, as well as some added fertilizer or other nutrients for the plants. This works well for putting into pots and for transplanting plants later into a garden environment.

Which is Better for Plants?

Depending on where you are planting them, top soil is usually better for gardens that are outdoors, while soil for potting can work well for plants you keep in the house, like potted flower. If you are building a garden, or if you are building a house and need a layer of soil in the yard, then top soil is a better choice since it has more nutrients and things the plants need.

Where Can You Get Them?

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You can buy top soil or even sometimes get it for free at a construction or excavation company, or from a plant nursery, home supply store or home improvement center like Lowes or Home Depot. Top soil prices vary depending on the circumstances and the amount you get. If you’re a little tight on your budget, you can simply get the top soil from somewhere in your own lot or in the woods near you.

Where you get your top soil for sale or your potting soil depends on the amounts you need and what you are willing to pay for top soil or potting soil. You can either buy it in bags of up to 20 or more pounds for a few dollars, or if you need a lot of top soil, you can buy top soil by the cubic yard for around $8 to $15 a cubic yard. The cost of top soil can also depend on where you live as there is usually a charge of as much as $15 to $60 for delivering it as well.