Shoe designs have always been evolving through the years, be it from the type of materials used or from the color in fashion on a particular year. Many budding shoe designers have emerged to the mainstream because of the designs they create. Some of these designers are just born with the talent while others choose to take a course on Footwear Design to enhance their capabilities. One shoe design school that offers a shoe design course is the Fashion Institute of Design.

Some brands like Converse and Nike offer a shoe design software on their online shops. This is a great way to design your own shoe especially if you are the master of this craft. Just click away, and the brand will produce it for you for a hefty price, of course.

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Types of Shoe Design According to Use

1.)  Work Wear:

  • Loafers

Loafers are great shoe designs for men whose fashion style is classy and corporate. This is a simple shoe design but very elegant if the finishing is shiny. It is usually made of leather.

  • High-heeled Shoes

High-heeled shoes are a popular additional accessory for women. There are conventional kinds and there are also contemporary ones like the stilettos. These are a great addition in every woman’s wardrobe because it is an appropriate shoe design for work as well as a trendy style for a night out. High-heeled shoe design is quite pricey but a Jean Michel Cazabat piece is a luxurious brand without compromising your monetary fund.

  • Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are especially made with very durable rubber to withstand the activity required for a rough job. Usually, farmers and ranchers opt for this type of shoe design.

2.)  Casual Wear:

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are becoming popular these days not only for men but also for women. These are comfortable shoe designs, which incorporate a laid back look when worn with cropped jeans for women or denim pants for men. This is an appropriate shoe design for everyday use, as it does not hurt the feet as compared to formal shoes.

  • Flip-flops or Sandals

This type of shoe design is very common during the summer season. It is very comfortable as it lets the air breathe through the feet.

3.)  Sporty Wear:

  • Rubber Shoes

This type of shoe design is more comfortable than sneakers because it is specifically made for athletes who do strenuous activities. There are different types of rubber shoes namely running shoes, cross-trainer shoes, tennis shoes and many more. Basically, these types of rubber shoes are made to cater athletes.

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Whatever occasion you need a shoe for, there is always a suitable shoe design for you. Just be patient in finding the best one that fits you because if the shoe does not fit, then it would only become an impractical piece of accessory in your cabinet.