The top greeting card companies are responsible for crafting cards and words for the best and worst events in a person’s life. From holiday card sayings to deaths in the family, the top greeting card companies convey what others sometimes can’t find the words for. For this reason, a lot of people have actually been very grateful to these companies for making every day and special greetings easier and a lot pleasant for everyone.

Popular Holiday Card Makers

Greeting Card Association

The Greeting Card Association is at the forefront of greeting card companies. The Greeting Card Association is an international trade organization that represents major greeting card companies and stationery manufacturers.

The top two greeting card companies today are Hallmark and American Greetings.

1.)  Hallmark

Holiday Card Sayings from Hallmark

Hallmark was started in January of 1910 by a teenager from Nebraska. This teenager arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, with two shoeboxes chock full of post cards. Today, that same teenager’s grandchildren run the Hallmark company.

  • Hallmark Store Franchise. Today, small business owners can open their own Hallmark franchise. Your name can even be included in the store name. For example, instead of just “Hallmark,” your store can be, “Frank’s Hallmark.”
  • Hallmark Store Products. Greeting cards are just the beginning of what Hallmark sells. The Hallmark stores also offer wrapping paper and gift bags; stuffed animals for children; as well as seasonal products for every major holiday like candies, stationeries, photo albums, and wedding gifts.
  • Hallmark Website. The Hallmark website lets you set up a greetings calendar. Hallmark will remind you when special events are coming up so that you can prepare ahead of time.

2.) American Greetings

American Greetings is another of the top greeting card companies.

Enjoy Holiday Card Sayings from American Greetings

  • American Greetings Website. The American Greetings website offer printable cards that you can design and then print from your own home on heavy paper. This eliminates the need to find a store that sells American Greetings cards. They also offer free e-cards for virtually any occasion. E-cards are a lot of fun. Simply pick the card you want, customize it for the recipient, and send it via e-mail.
  • American Greetings Online Store. If you want high quality paper greetings but you don’t want to hunt for the perfect card in a shop, American Greetings has an alternative. You can order personalized paper greetings online and have them delivered to your house. This is especially helpful for large events where you need a lot of greeting cards, such as during the holiday season.

Today, the top greeting card companies offer much more than basic cards. They also have tons of products and services offered in stores and on their websites. From Christmas ornaments to coffee mugs, greeting card companies have a lot to offer their customers.