If you are a person who likes to call him/herself a ‘fashionista‘ then obviously you would like to keep track of the top eyewear brands. Eyewear is pretty important to complete your outfit. You should also have some idea about these top eyewear brands so that you can compare your options and see whether your pink sunglasses actually go with your face or if you need a replacement. Here you will find all the information you need to make that choice.

world's top eyewear brands

Popular Eye Glasses Brands

Listed below are the top 5 names in the eyewear industry. Find out what they are famous for.

1.) Ray-Ban:

Founded by Bausch & Lomb in 1937, it is no wonder Ray-Ban managed to cut the first place at the top eyewear brands list. They were first introduced to the US Army Air Corps. However, as you know, their popularity did not stay within the military forces. The best thing about Ray-Ban is how they manage to mix up the decades of eyewear fashion. Their Legends collection will reveal the presence of past right in front of your eyes while their Tech collection takes you a few steps forward in eyewear fashion. It is their greatest strength, that is, versatility.

2.) Oakley:

Jim Jannard started producing the Oakley sunglasses in 1975. Young as it is compared to Ray-Ban, Oakley managed to be the second best eyewear brand since its main focus is on the athletic fields. Apart from the sunglasses, Oakley produces all kinds of sportswear. The specialty of Oakley eyewear is each of them passes through the ANSI Z87.1 test. This is the highest requirement to ensure safety against impact. Oakley eyewear is possibly the best protection you can get if you are a sporty person. Even their casual eyewear collection has something sporty about them.

3.) Prada:

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Prada is the oldest member in the eyewear industry. Mario Prada founded it in 1913 and it has been the name of ‘classy’ ever since. In fact, this is their focal point, luxury. Prada eyewear is not sporty and they simply will not give the impression that you are a person with rich eyewear taste for casual sunglasses. No, what Prada does is they keep you in a class. With their eyewear styles, you are bound to plan your outfit that matches that eyewear. So obviously, you should choose Prada if you want to impress people with your classy and luxurious looks.

4.) Polaroid:

After Polaroid Eyewear was first introduced in 1937, it has been producing all kinds of polarized sunglasses as well as polarized lenses. Their tagline is Perfect Vision and it is pretty much true since their eyewear will actually help you see better. In case you do not know the relation between polarization and eye, it is one of the most responsible reasons to shorten your visibility distance. The vertical polarized glasses of Polaroid eyewear help in reducing the effect of horizontally polarized light and consequently increase your visibility. Their fashion style is modern as they are effective.

5.) Gucci:

The last entry on the top eyewear brands is Gucci. After it was founded in 1921, it quickly became the name for a wholesome fashion house. They excel in all the sections in fashion, not only eyewear. Gucci eyewear is versatile. They can adapt to almost any kind of outfit you choose without making you stand out of the crowd like an out-of-place person. In fact, their versatility is the reason Gucci has turned out to be the highest selling Italian brand in the world.